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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Daily Pics: Breaking Bad Fever

Another sleepless night. Baby Boy O's fever seems to be easing off a little but there is still no reprieve for his sore gums. Given the situation English Hubby sacrificed his morning hike up to Guadalupe Peak and we pack up and drive toward civilization. When we break for lunch at Popeyes, Baby Boy O seems to be fighting fit, and demanding more chicken. By the time we park up in New Mexico, he's back to his old social self, absorbing every word of our conversation with Uncle Vince from the RV with the cool little Fiat 500 next door. A kindred traveller experiencing a change of pace, from Gulf Stream to A Class. Reflecting back on his life journey he says something that sticks like glue – there are no luggage racks in a hurst. Full stop.


Sunrise at Guadalupe

An early morning start. At least we get to see the sun rise


Packing the RV

Operation pack and go


Baby boy o smiling in carseat

Happy to be heading toward civilization


Guadalupe national park

Farewell, we will be back


Mum cuddling baby boy o with Guadalupe peak in the background

Precious cuddles


10000 miles on rover

Rover clocked it


My first drive in rover

First drive


Salt flats

Salt flats. The name says it all


Baby boy o unwell in car seat

Still not feeling great


Warning sign for barb wire

Post office stop. You'd think it would be pretty obvious


Baby boy o feeling better

Perking up in time for lunch


Popeyes lunch

So bad yet so good


Sign for El Paso

Heading to El Paso


Typical American highway

The quintessential American highway


Welcome to New Mexico sign

The land of enchantment



The inconvenient truth - where our beef comes from. Horrific CAFOs


Baby boy o in breaking dad onsie

Perfect for New Mexico. Thanks Mommy Wolfe


Baby boy o bathing outdoors

After talking to Uncle Vince, we fill up the outdoor jacuzzi


Monday, 30 March 2015

Boondock Fever

And the bad parent award goes to…us. Baby Boy O's fever is persistent and spiking. Perhaps a six mile hike in the middle of the day was not the smartest of all ideas. The poor thing keeps shoving his fingers into his mouth and crying out in pain. I wish it were an act to gain attention and extra cuddles but this time his need to be close is so real and so strong that he'd climb back up into my womb if he could. Of course whilst this is all happening we are boondocking – relying on our own water and battery electrics – in the middle of nowhere, with patchy cell phone reception, and over two hours away from the nearest children's hospital in El Paso. I'm not particularly religious, but I have whispered a few quiet requests to whomever is listening to keep my boy safe from harm.


English hubby doing dishes

Communal sink dish washing to try to save water


Baby boy sleeping fever

Restless night, sleeping his fever off

Guadalupe mountain in the morning

The mighty mountain, blocking any cell phone reception


Baby medication

Wet towels and Pedia Care therapy


Baby boy o and dad at breakfast

He still has an appetite which is a good sign


Rover parked at Guadalupe mountain

Some pretty funky parking to get all 32 feet in the spot


Baby boy o watching dad work

Watching daddy work


Happier baby boy o with mummy

Perking up a little


Guadalupe mountain evening view

Evening view


Baby boy o with mummy and Sophie the giraffe

Itchy teeth


Sunday, 29 March 2015

You Give Me Fever

We finally get the chance to go off the grid for a mountain adventure in Guadalupe Mountains National Park and Baby Boy O has a teething fever. Started off with his hands in his mouth and lots of drooling, then progressed in the morning to a fever of 38.5 degrees. After a shot of baby Pedia Care he seems back to his normal self so we headed off on the McKirritck Canyon Trail for a beautiful 6 mile canyon hike. We fretted over him all day, making sure he’s well hydrated with drink stops every 20 minutes, well shaded with an umbrella and well cooled with a wet towel on his neck. He’s a tough little trooper and loved the hike, as did daddy and mummy. Teething really sucks.


Baby boy o having early breakfast

Little poppet feeling very warm


Fresh red tomatoes

Lovely present from a fellow RVer

Long freight train

Waiting waiting waiting

Caution high winds sign

Blown all over the road


ÏEnglish hubby cleaning wind screen

Perfecting the drive by photo moment


Guadalupe mountains

Heading to the Guadalupe Mountains


Rover at entrance to McKittrick canyon

Off to hike McKittrick Canyon


Start of the canyon hike

Start of a six mike hike, a little nervous given the little one's fever


Blue skies in the canyon

Raw and beautiful


Family photo in McKittrick canyon

Canyon pose

Dries river beds

Over dried river beds

Mummy and baby boy o under an umbrella

Nice and cool under the shade


Native plant



Smooth bark trees

Smooth bark trees, right in the middle of the desert


English hubby crossing stream

Hop skip and jump over the little stream

Baby boy o touching tree

Baby Boy O communing with nature


Spindly green plant

Where the wild things grow

Beautiful mountains and blue sky with clouds

Hallowed skies


Feeding baby boy o at the cabin

Pit stop at the cabin

Baby boy o eating fruit

Fruit break, yummy!

Baby boy o feeling a little better sitting on table

Feeling like his old self


Silouhette  of tree and sun

Thank goodness for water breaks every 20 minutes


Sweet little baby boy o

Little smiley guy


English hubby walking the trail

Trudging forward with daddy


Baby boy o carried by dad at the grotto

We finally reach the grotto


Family selfie

Canyon family selfie


Dad changing baby boy o on picnic table

Picnic table bush change


Cool grotto

Natural air conditioning


Baby boy o asleep in the carrier with dad

Exhausted, barreling back along the path


Stones on a river bed

Stone Age


Rocky River bed

Rock on!


Canyon trees

Getting weary in the heat


Glad to have made it back safely. Headed to the campground, navigated tricky parking and fired up the generator for some welcome air conditioning


Baby boy o in orange too carried by dad

My little trooper


Beware of mountain lions sign

Explains the scat on the trail


Baby boy o and dad sitting in camping chair outside RV

Settling in for the night




Saturday, 28 March 2015

Not Much Happens Around Here

We are diving through flyover land. Not much happens around here. Highways, rest stops, bad food, and two bit towns that help join the dots from point A to point B. Van Horn's claim to fame is its middle ground between Big Bend National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Nothing more.


Baby boy o tiny on bed

Tiny tot

RV overtaking

We are actually overtaking someone!


English hubby cleaning windscreen

Pit stop and windscreen clean


Briefcases for sale at the flying j

The last remaining stash of briefcases in the western world, at the Flying J


Subway lunch

English hubby talked me into a tuna melt


Butterfly toy in RV

Have butterfly will travel

RV park in van horn

Smack bang in the middle of nowhere special


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Friday, 27 March 2015

Fat Dash

One supermarket shop, two fast food stops, four hours drive time, 240 more miles under our belt we made it from Medina to Fort Stockton. Due west along the gun barrel of Texas. We experimented with a new approach – driving two hours, breaking for an early dinner and bath time for Baby Boy O, and then back in the hot seat for another two hours. It sort of worked, with sporadic cries as the little one was woken from slumber by bumpy roads and the loud clattering of dishes and stuff in our RV. The experiment continues.


Baby boy o standing on a trike

Checking out the trike


Rover worked with Harley and stoller

Which ride would you prefer?


Medina hills

Drive through the hills


Long john silvers

Long John Silvers, surprisingly delicious fish and chips and good service too

Baby boy o in car shopping cart

Beep beep, move out the way!


Baby boy o in cart in supermarket

Stocking up at H.E.B.


Mummy and baby boy o under big sombrero

Hola sombrero


Baby boy o standing in RV

Half time break. Letting him stretch out


English hubby standing outside rover

English hubby piecing Rover back together


Mummy and baby boy o playing tickle games

Tickle games


Pizza Hut skinny pizza

Our second serving of fat fast food today. Pizza Hut's skinny pizza with an asterisk stating it is not a low calorie food!


Pizza Hut booth

Notice how wide the booths are?! Pizza Hut patron size


Roadside bathing

Post dinner roadside bath, all ready for bed and the final leg of the drive


Driving into the sunset

Driving into the sunset


Fire sunset

Sky's on fire

Driving to fort Stockton at night

Hello Fort Stockton


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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Daily Pics: Rhythm

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been back in Rover for 10 days. England, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and Hong Kong now seem so very long ago. It’s nice to have now found our own rhythm, a balance as best we can between work, play, family and ‘me’ time. Our clocks seem to have synced. It makes me happy to have a routine, a plan. Perhaps it is the illusion of order and control. I recognize it will change in the most unpredictable ways, but I’ll take it nonetheless.


Baby sleeping on four pillows

Four square


Stonewall Texas neighborhood

A walk around the neighborhood


Lambs in a field

Where’s Mary?


Cranky crying baby

Someone woke up very cranky


Baby standing on dad sitting in rocking chair

Handover time as per the new schedule


Baby trying to crawl

Trying to teach him how to crawl. He’s not happy at all!


Man sitting infront of laptop in RV

Still so much to do and so little time


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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Daily Pics: Me and My Boy

We’re camping out at Peach Country RV Park for the rest of the week. English Hubby gets to make sales calls and I get to hang out with my cheeky little boy. His personality grows stronger every single day and there are many giggles and laughs, but also grumps and tantrums. He came off his straight through the night sleeping schedule a few days back, mainly because of teething. We had to take some action to help him learn to get back in that sleep groove. Baby Boy O has mastered the art of standing. All good except he gets frustrated because he can’t do much else like move, sit or balance. He’s quickly entering toddlerhood and I’m busily reading books and searching for tips and YouTube videos to smooth the transitions. All that being said he is great company. I think we’ll keep him!


Baby playing piano

A couple of renditions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in C major


Baby holding onto chair and trying to walk

Practicing the art of walking


Baby in the stroller on the side of the road

Taking a long walk down to the Pendernales River


Baby lying on mat in activity center

Taking an afternoon nap after all that play


Man fixing the sink in the RV



Plumbers putty

Putty in my hands


Man cooking on bbq outside RV

Date night BBQ dinner al fresco


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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Daily Pics: St Patrick’s Day Pot Luck

We are the youngest RVing family here. If you added up my age, English Hubby’s and Baby Boy O’s we would be getting more in the vicinity of our fellow campers. There’s a lovely simplicity that I see around me. At the same time getting old can be tough when you add to the mix Alan’s dementia, Betty’s limp and Linda’s failing eyesight, but there seems to be an acceptance that time moves and we move with it. No sweating the small stuff, focusing on the here and now. Today there was great excitement surrounding the St Paddy’s day pot luck dinner. Naturally we couldn’t miss the social even of the week, so I whipped up a simple stir fry for dinner at 5pm. 


Family breakfast outdoors

Family breakfast outdoors


Baby at ladies knitting circle

Joining the ladies knitting circle


Baby on activity mat

Playtime fun!


St Patrick's day potluck food

Steering well clear of the unidentifiable green stuff


St Patrick's day dinner

Loving the corned beef


Baby sitting on lady's lap wearing green

Going green


Baby at st Patrick's day dinner

Center of attention


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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Daily Pics: Infinite Change

Today is Pi day 3.14.15…and so on, infinitely, random and changing. It is written that the beauty of Pi is that it puts infinity within reach. Therefore today it seems fitting that we commit to make an infinitely wise change. We all have that mental list – eat better, sleep more, do more exercise, moisturize, drink more water, meditate more and so on.  Some day we will run out of time to take that journey of change. So today English Hubby and I have started reading the Zen Habits book, Mastering the Art of Change, and are committing to just one change as we work through the chapters in this book. That one thing is to get more exercise. There. It’s out there in the big wide world. 


Morning fog

Sometimes you need to get through the fog to get some clarity


Dad holding baby in supermarket

We had grand ambitions to refuel, hike and explore. Shopping as always took longer than anticipated


Baby sitting on supermarket scales

Weighing in


Lunch from whole foods

Thank goodness for Whole Foods


Fridge packed with food

Won’t be going hungry anytime soon


RV being refused with gas

Refueling, literally


Two iPads on dining table

After dinner commitment to change


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Friday, 13 March 2015

Daily Pics: Puppy Dog Tales

A restful day at the campsite. Some work, some admin and lots of playing with the little one. The sun finally arrived so we went for a few walks by the river and along the trails. Baby Boy O is now keenly aware of fuzzy four legged friends. Every time he sees one its a “woohf whoohf” greeting. 


Man making green juice in RV

Morning green juice made by English Hubby’s fair hands


Cricket the dog

Woohf woohf Cricket


Rvs parked in campground

Coming back from a morning stroll to the river


Baby asleep in RV

Down time


Baby with look of concentration on his face

Pure concentration


Trees and grass with blue sky and sunshine

Finally the sun comes out to play, after four foggy rainy days


Cute baby wearing baseball cap

Friday afternoon family walk


Man and baby walking with deer on trail

Dear spotting


Puppy dog book

Puppy dog tales


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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Daily Pics: Up and About (Sort Of)

Yesterday I casually wrote “can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow” and Baby Boy O delivers. This morning he hoisted himself up from sitting to standing position, using the strategically positioned car seat as balance bars. If that wasn’t enough, this afternoon he took his first independent steps! Holding onto the couch for dear life, legs shakey and a mix of pure fear and excitement. Small steps for him, big steps for all of us. 


Baby standing against car seat

Hoisting himself up with all his might


Man and baby eating lunch on picnic table

Family lunch outside, sharing it with a few wasps


Baby in bunk bed playing with toys

A few moments of quiet play, in between Pterodactyl like cries


Baby standing

Big steps for a small boy 


Boomerang meat pie

An Aussie boomerang meat pie. Close enough, and tasty. 


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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Daily Pics: Hunger Games

Baby Boy O has been eating up a storm. He can’t seem to get enough of food and milk, and his all time favorite, watermelon. Definitely another growth spurt on the way, adding to the mental leaps he’s already making. Everyday is a new day and learning just continues exponentially. I feel so fortunate to be able to be witness to these events – things we as adults take for granted day in day out – but from a little ones point of view, it is a huge leap to take one foot step after another and hold himself still, to sift out then eject an unsavory food item from a mouthful of food, to open and close a box and take out blocks from a container, to play games with his mummy and understand the idea of taking turns and rolling in fits of laughter at each other. My baby played quietly and even looked after me today as I recouped in bed. His sweet chubby fingers gently wrapped around mine as I napped. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.


Baby on tummy looking out

Sweet Baby Boy O looking at birdies by the Colorado River


Baby eating home made jook

Food glorious food


Dad and baby in carrier asleep

Daddy took him out for a walk to the activity center and along the trails


Colorado River Texas

After lunch walk to the river with mummy


Baby hair

His natural little coif


Baby standing on play equipment

Standing up and holding on like a big boy 


Baby sitting on slide

Having fun at the playgrounds and playing games with mummy


Pork roast dinner

Delicious roast dinner after an afternoon of play, cuddles and naps. Life is so very good


Map of the USA

Netflix date night in, and trip planning


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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Daily Pics: Mamamama

Baby Boy O has a lot to say. Today he did the talking for us both. He loves jumping into conversation, chattering away to Mike our fellow RVer. He made friends with Linda the next door camper too. Best of all those seemingly random syllables may actually mean something. Mamamamama appears to stand for mummy. His first official word. It’s close enough. I’ll take it!


Baby playing on RV floor with dad at computer

Playtime is becoming quite serious


Two men and baby taking outside of RV

Chatting with Mike, the first person online in 1946 when his dad and brother pegged him up with the rest of the laundry 


Baby reaching out to man

Sharing a moment with Mike who has many stories to tell


Bridge over the Colorado River in Columbus Texas

Bridge over troubled waters


Sign for Thousand trails Colorado River Texas

Home for the next few nights. Hot dogs in the activity center tonight, ice cream social tomorrow


RV parked by the Colorado River

Landing a coveted spot by the river


Demand for rent notice

Sorting things out


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Monday, 9 March 2015

Daily Pics: The New Normal

We are settling into a new normal. Baby Boy O wakes us, he feeds, we play. Breakfast, clean up, admin, pack and go. We shop for essentials or gas or something, we lunch and we drive further. He cries, laughs, moans, smiles and more. We reach our destination where I unpack the inside whilst occupying the little one and English Hubby hooks up the RV outside. A little more play, perhaps a book. Then bath, another feed, and put to bed. Then dinner, dishes and we try to catch up on all the things we feel we should have done during the day in transit. Even without a ‘real job’ our time is cram filled with living.


Dad and baby playing with blocks in bed

Morning playtime


Baby napping

Nap time



Looking out the window of the RV

Drive time through fog in Galveston


Baby eating cantaloupe

Lunch time snack


Baby in car seat

Afternoon giggles


Computer screen

Grown up stuff

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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Daily Pics: Flying High

We have been completely spoilt with kindness. That bridge of friendship spanning Singapore, New York, Houston and now Galveston began with a conversation at a bus stop. Invited into their family’s home, flying kites on the beach, drinking margaritas over a Tex Mex two plate dinner feast. Sharing experiences and excitement of times to come. It makes me smile and remember how fortunate we are, every moment, every day. 


Smiling lady holding baby boy

What a great way to wake up, smiling.


View of beach from condo

And with a view 


Painting of monkey painting a monkey

Monkey business


Two men and baby assembling kite

Baby Boy O’s first lesson in aeronautics


Man and baby flying a kite on the beach

Up in the air


Dad and baby in carrier flying a kite

Higher higher daddy!


Three adults flying kites on the beach

Big kids


Bird plane and traditional kite flying

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a rainbow kite!


Man concentrating on flying a kite

The concentration


Man flying kite on beach

Handyman Dan commanding the skies


Galveston beach

Not quite beach weather but nice to on the beach


Tex mex restaurant in Galveston

We’re in Texas. There’s got to be good Tex Mex here


Woman man and baby posing for photo

Waiting for dinner 


Chip and salsa

Only regret is not taking a photo of English Hubby’s two plate original dinner


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Friday, 6 March 2015

Daily Pics: Yellow Balloon Day

Getting settled back into the RV bit by bit. It’s nice to rediscover our tiny house on wheels and not having to live out of a suitcase. Baby Boy O’s shoe rack of clothes is unpacked, toys put away, English Hubby spent the morning rearranging the storage to make room for a stroller too. We now move from two vehicles to one. Rental returned after a circuitous drive around Houston airport courtesy of Google Maps. We are now traveling as a family in Rover, heading down to Galveston to meet Finland Gal and Handyman Dan. Running late of course. 


Baby stuff in RV

The great unpack


White car parked next to RV with lake in background

Farewell rental


Baby in shopping cart with yellow helium balloon

A very happy baby thanks to the lovely lady at Krogers


Baby and mum with yellow balloon in supermarket

Balloon games in the frozen aisle


Sunset over the port

From Houston to Galveston, a sunset with love 


Baby and lady playing with yellow balloon

All you need is a balloon and a Finnish Gal


Man with birthday cake and six candles

Only six years old!


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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Daily Pics: Home On Wheels

Winter caught up with us with a good sprinkling of snow in Dallas. We planned to take off at 9 but ended up leaving by about 10am. So is life with a little one who now refuses to be put down to play alone. Packing takes twice as long! We sludged our way to Conroe to pick up Rover. Luckily he was tucked away safe and sound with everything in good working order. A few quick pit stops to dewinterize, settle storage and restock on supplies, then onto our spot for the night. It’s good to be home.


View of snow from hotel room

Dallas in white


Baby sitting on be playing with buckets

Still practicing with the buckets


Dad and son eating breakfast

Like father like son


Snow on windscreen

Heading 196 miles south!


Highway driving

A balmy 37 degree Fahrenheit 


RV storage unit

Hello Rover


Baby sitting in drivers seat crying

But I don’t want to drive it mummy!


Inside of class c motor home

Flat battery but everything else in good nick


RV on the road

On the road again!


Man and baby in supermarket

Restocking with goodies


RV at lake Conroe

Parking up for the night


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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Daily Pics: Dream Sheet

We put it out there today. Dream sheet shared. Our wish list is out there in the universe and the wheels are a-turning. Where it lands is something that will be revealed to us in good time. It has been a bumpy road to get to this point. Lots of late nights, excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, what ifs and what not. Today good team work shone through, a important and different type of partnership. Tonight we celebrate with In-and-out burgers and a bag of popcorn.


Baby and babysitter playing with toy buckets

Teaching the little one how to stack buckets


Man with umbrella

Walking through the rain



The pitch


Baby on bed with buckets stacked up

Playing bucket games with mummy



A grease spoon milestone celebration


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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Daily Pics: SitterCity

Thank goodness for SitterCity. We managed to find a great babysitter to meet us at our hotel in Irving. Baby Boy O loved the attention from someone new. Martha was great, nevertheless leaving my baby with a near complete stranger is a harrowing experience. We had a number of trial runs today – baby sitter and late night pitch perfect rehearsals – and now we have more peace of mind for tomorrow. Que sera sera. 


Babysitter holding baby

Striking gold with Martha


Babysitter changing baby in hotel room

Nice to have another pair of hands


Baby in stroller

Loving all the attention


Baby wearing a supercool tshirt

The t-shirt says it all


Baby playing in hotel room

Calm before the bedtime storm. Sometimes you have to shut the hotel door and rehearse in the hallway


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Monday, 2 March 2015

Daily Pics: The Final Flying Leg

It’s been a very long day, starting in LA and ending in Dallas. Another snafu with American Airlines neglecting to inform us that they had changed our 11.10 flight to 09.30. Our patience tested in one long line after another – baggage check, rebooking and then security. Having spent over five hours in LAX Terminal 4 I can now safely say that it ranks as one of the worst airports in the world. Nevertheless we made the best of our closing leg of travel, grabbing lunch, finding a little nook to rest and even sneaking in a floor nap. Baby Boy O held up as well as a teething baby in transit can. It’s near midnight in our hotel room and he has finally melted down. This marks the official close of our round the world in 91 days chapter. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it and looking forward to being reunited with Rover, soon.


Baby sitting on carpet with sign that says week 46

A great way to start the day in LA


Boy holding home made book

Pirate Coopy with his swashbuckling tales


Baby and little girl reading yellow book

Princess Lila recounting stories of dragons


Man and baby with heart shaped balloon

A lot of love in the air


Waiting in line at lax

Line after line


Baby boy o sitting on top of luggage

Bag surfer


Floor napping at lax

Making the most of the situation


Mum carrying napping baby on plane

It’s been a long long day


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