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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Daily Pics: Hello Hong Kong

It’s been almost 10 years since we’ve visited Hong Kong and it all feels familiar and new at the same time. I remember the buildings and the lights, the smells and the sound. I’ve forgotten the grime and the dirt, the inability of people to walk in a straight trajectory and the desire of pedestrians to find space where none exists. This was my home many moons ago, and where I met some of my favorite people in the whole entire world. We are staying with one of them right now and it still feels as if time has not missed a beat. 


Hong Kong by day

Wonderfully familiar territory…


Three people and baby in group elevator selfie

…with tiny elevators


Buildings in central HK

Not sure if low visibility is caused by fog, smog or a combo of both


Escalator through mid levels

A trip down memory lane…or more precisely a ride up escalator alley


Mum and baby cheering on escalator on HK

Onward and upward


Man lifting stroller down stairs

One hell of a job to maneuver the beast


Man lying on couch and baby standing nearby

All this banking, sightseeing and exploring is hard work


Baby sitting in a pillow fort

A more secure pillow fort


Woman in yellow cardigan making dinner

Making dinner with groceries from Aeon


fridge stuffed with haloumi

Only Donna Deal would buy 8kgs of haloumi and 200 bottles of wine


Hong Kong causeway bay view by night

Hong Kong by night


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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Daily Pics: Bali R&R

Enjoying some much needed R&R at our lovely villa. So very glad we chose to stay here. Thank you to all our Facebook friends who gave us advice on whether an open swimming pool would be a hazard for an eight month old baby. The wonders of technology, allowing us to crowdsource an answer. 


Happy baby

Hello sunshine


Napping baby

Nap time now


Man selling sweet potato

Sweet potato for my sweet boy


Woman crossing street in Bali

Bringing home the goodies


Mangosteen and rambutan

More snacks


Baby napping with book

More napping


Man getting hot stone massage on table

Hot stone rub down


Man and baby in pool

And a delicious dip


Man having dinner

Followed by a yummy (dark) dinner at the Bvlgari Resort


Baby and mum at dinner

With my fabulous boys


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Friday, 2 January 2015

Daily Pics: Love And Marriage

I have known my Dear Kinder Friend since I was three. It has been a connection that spans continents, schools, companies and the passing of time. He played the song that I walked down the aisle to, and today I feel so blessed to share another milestone with him. His marriage to his soul mate. To my Dear Kinder Friend and his Missus, may the stars in the heavens shine upon you and happiness touch every day. 


Baby in stripped outfit sitting on a couch

Just chillin’


Swimming pool in villa

Enjoying the villa


Babysitter carrying baby

Hello Babysitter Jawick


Dad carrying baby and babysitter walking

Off to breakfast


Man eating breakfast with babysitter carrying baby

So nice to have an extra pair of hands (thx for the recommendation Party Marty)


Local kids

Greeted by devilish smiles


Baby carried by babysitter

So happy to be carried


Cows in paddock

Just over the back fence


Baby swinging on legs of lady

Playing with Gong Gong’s girlfriend


Baby and mum playing with water in pots

Learning about hydrology


Baby holding two pots in swimming pool with dad and friend

Mastering the two handed maneuver


Four people and baby in the pool

Pool time pre wedding fun


Baby in carrier looking at mans necklace

Checking out Uncle Nik’s man jewelry


Baby and dad with friends

Waiting for the bus


Beautiful family in Bali

The dress fits!…just


Bali traffic

Enroute in traffic


Entrance with wedding sign

Finally made it


Baby reaching for dad's drink

Daddy please…


Baby with grimace on face



Wedding dinner table setting

Last minute prep


Man at alter waiting for his bride

The longest wait


Bride and groom standing at the altar

For his perfect soulmate


Wedding party tent

Lighting up the night


Suckling roast pig

Local delicacies


Two merry people

A few drinks down the line


Wedding favors with message

Wedding favors…


Wedding favors with message

…with sagely advice


Baby sitting on woman

Second wind for the party boy


Mum and baby at wedding

About to turn into late night pumpkins


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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Daily Pics: Bali High

Bali was never on my list of places to go. Growing up in Australia, Bali was where the lager louts and bogans went for their corn roll braid holidays. Sort of like what the trashy Ibiza party crowd is to the English. But as I’ve learned over the last year to never say never. We are here for my Dear Kinder Friend’s wedding and I’m loving being in the heat and mess and smell of Indonesia. Having crowd sourced the decision to stay in a gorgeous villa with a private pool, we find ourselves amongst old friends. Over 25 years and still recognizable. Connections renewed, it is now time to play. 


View of green fields

A view from the top


Baby in stroller outside villa

Heading off to explore


Man pushing stroller down lane in Bali

Loving the sights and smells


Busy road with motorcycles

And sounds and the craziness


Killer Mexican food in Bali

May be a killer in more ways than one


Bali fried chicken stand

What would Kentucky think?   


Nasi goreng breakfast

Traditional breakfast with an old family friend


Man in supermarket in Bali

Love checking out the local supermarket


London biscuits

You never know what you will find


Small side road to villa in Bali

Not surprising we got lost finding the villa last night


Baby and dad in red tops

Going for the mini me camouflage look


Man carrying baby in car seat

Meeting up at Finns Bar


Finns bar beach front

A long way down for a cocktail on the beach


Vernacular to Finns bar

Thank goodness for the mechanical intervention


Me and husband

Quick selfie plus one


Storm approaching beach

Perfectly timed around the torrential storm


Crab on beach

Maybe the crab ran off with English Hubby’s fitbit


Big hugs

Big hugs from a Starr


Bonfire on the beach

Not your average night in Bali


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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Daily Pics: Last Day Of An Amazing Year

It’s been one of the best years of my life. Our little cherub arrived, we have each other, our health and the freedom to roam. I wake each morning feeling incredibly fortunate, blessed with more than I could ever ask for. Part wondering what we have done to be deserving and every ounce grateful. My artist friend Deb selects a word each year. Following in her footsteps my word for 2015 is “balance”. Being in equilibrium, at that continually changing point where things are harmonious, where the moment matters and is effortless in a positive way. Bring on 2015. 


Items laid out all over bed

We’ve managed to accumulate more stuff. Packing fast after a late wake up


Instructions on how to find the cricket network

Dearest Banana knows English Hubby well! Thank you my dear friend xx


Dad giving son medicine

Off to Sydney Bec’s for a quick drink and tips on navigating Bali immigration. Poor little Cousin curly Kiwi Frog lapping up his Panadol


Two couples with babies

Old and new friends, and can’t wait to meet the soon to arrive little one


Baby holding baby seatbelt

Off to Bali. Safety first!


Baby with infant life raft

Do I really need this mummy?!


Baby in airplane bassinet

Our happy little traveler 


Immigration arrival hall in Bali

Lines aren’t too bad


Taxi in Bali

Getting ripped off by the taxi driver – 275,000 rupees or bust


Lights of Denpasar

Fireworks over the horizon. Just don’t hold them.


Man swimming in pool

Starting the new year with a swim in our pool. Thank you for an amazing year, and looking forward to 2015 with open arms


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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Daily Pics: A Walk Down Memory Lane

English Hubby and I first met in Singapore over 12 years ago, when I gate crashed a leaving do he had organized for a team member of his. My Dear Kinder Friend had invited me, and coincidently it is to his wedding that we will be traveling to in Bali, in a few days’ time. Talk about things coming full circle. 

Now we revisit Singapore married and all grown up with a baby in tow, for a sticky walk down memory lane. So many days and nights we had both spent on this tiny island city. Working for various clients, getting up to mischief late into the night and early into the morning. Back then Singapore was a little backwater, starting to make its way onto the international scene. Now it feels like it’s all grown up too. 


Three boys names on the fridge

Leaving his mark on Banana’s fridge


Baby playing with new toys

Cool new toys!


Entrance to the raffles hotel

So very excited to get going and see some of the old hang outs. Looking forward to Hainese Chicken Rice at the bakery


Baby asleep in car seat

Not as excited as mummy


Toast box eatery

Turns out the chicken rice place is not open until lunch time, so we follow another recommendation


nasi goreng, kaya toast, half boiled eggs, sweet tea and milo

Traditional street food breakfast – nasi goreng, kaya toast, half boiled eggs, sweet tea and milo


Baby eating kaya toast

Baby Boy O is really loving it


Half boiled eggs

Can’t get enough!


Man and baby walking across street in Singapore

Off to explore our old hang outs


Baby in stroller infront of white church

Everything has changed. From bars to restaurants. From single to married plus baby!


Baby smiling

Finally awake from his jet lagged sleep


Baby change facilities at raffles plaza

Loving the baby change facilities at Raffles Plaza Shopping Mall


Clothes shop in Singapore

Indulging in a bit of shopping


Singapore arts center

Touristing around the arts center durian


Rainbow ribbons art instillation

Getting creative


Shenton way fiancial district buildings

Many months spent working in the financial district and Shenton Way 


Signs in Singapore



Fullerton quay hotel lobby

Found our way to the beautiful Fullerton Quay hotel


White string holding balloons

Anyone dare to pull the white string?


Man and woman in Singapore

Old fashioned selfie


Man eating sushi

Picnic lunch with throbbing techno music


Baby eating papaya

Getting some tropical papaya action


Solar sunshade

Environmentally conscious Singapore


Buildings along marina bay sands

All new (to us) Marina Bay Sands


women with selfie sticks

Seriously, what’s with these selfie sticks?!


Baby held over trash can

Oh no! Recycling gone too far


Walking through row of palm trees

Walking, walking, walking


Singapore bridge and Ferris wheel

Over the bridge and far away


Singapore lotus building

Admiring the lotus position


Marina bay hotel

Ship ahoy!


Singapore flyer

High flyer


Painting on wall

Creativity on the walls


Baby on dad's shoulders

Rest break, enjoying the Singaporean version of Glee Club


Front of taxi cab

Learning about GrabTaxi, Comfot, Hailo and Uber


Baby looking at great aunt



Baby cuddling great aunt

Instant cuddles


Baby receiving red packet from great aunt

Thank you for my ang pow Khoo Poh and Uncle


Hainese chicken rice

Two things off the check list – Hainese chicken rice and satay


Dinner with family in Singapore

So heartwarming to see Cousin “Charles” and his family


Baby with cousins in Singapore

Baby Boy O surrounded by lovely ladies


Baby with great uncle

Little cuddle with Uncle SK


Baby holding rattle cuddling great aunt

More cuddles with Khoo Poh


Farewell family hugs

See you all soon…maybe in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, America…?


Pulling farewell faces

Hope the wind doesn’t change Miss C3


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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Daily Pics: Delayed in Doha

I’ve heard of Sleepless in Seattle, but never thought I’d be delayed in Doha! Thank goodness for middle eastern hospitality. Doha International was an oasis, compared to American airports. Nice clean family change rooms, places to comfortably rest, service with a smile, people who know what their doing. I think they should base the next reality TV season of Survivor in JFK. That is enough to make contestants cry. 


Changing baby diaper in Doha airport

Diaper change time


Women's quiet room in Doha

Those men are just so loud, here’s a place to escape


Family area in Doha airport

Talk about awesome


Posing in front of a giant yellow teddy bear at Doha airport

Exploring the terminal. Not everyday you see a giant yellow teddy bear


Baby playing with orange strap

Doing quite well given its about 2am London time


Departure board in Doha

You’ve got to be sh*tting me. Now a 4.5 hour delay?!


Sitting in the quiet room at Doha airport

Off to have a nap in the quiet room


Man with baby dining in Marche

Lunch / dinner / whatever at Marche. Not sure that time it is, nor do I want to know


Mum carrying baby wrapped in blue blanket

With my superstar traveller


Cabin of plane

And finally we are on board…Singapore here we come!


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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Daily Pics: Around The World In 91 Days

Airline tickets are now booked. In December we will depart on the next leg of our nomadic lives, with stops in London, Singapore, Bali, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and back to Dallas to resume our road trip. 91 days hopping countries, and continents via plane. Lugging baggage and adjusting to time zones with a little one in tow. All I can say is thank goodness for our brilliant travel agent who helped us through a monumental booking exercise – juggling a multi-city gig, making flight times as reasonable as possible and planning with precision to avoid rush hour traffic en route. As John “Hannibal” Smith of the A-Team genre use to say, I love it when a plan comes together. 

Really looking forward to quality time with family and friends all round the world. 

  • Thanksgiving in Dallas: ~24 Nov to 1 Dec
  • Christmas in London: 1 Dec to 27 Dec
  • Years’ end in Singapore: 28 Dec to 31 Dec
  • Wedding in Bali: 31 Dec to 7 Jan
  • Sun n Surf in Sydney: 7 Jan to 13 Jan
  • Chinese New Year in Melbourne: 13 Jan to 23 Feb
  • Hanging out in Hong Kong: 23 Feb to 28 Feb
  • Lounging around Los Angeles: 28 Feb to 2 Mar
  • Returning to the RV in Dallas: 2 Mar onwards, heading east

Planing frenzy: Tickets – check. Travel insurance – check. Request for bulk head bassinet seats – in progress. Visas – to do…