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Dec 29

Daily Pics: Made It To Singapore…Finally

by in America

It was a long long flight from Doha to Singapore. The cunning plan was to keep Baby Boy O awake on this leg so he will fall asleep when we reach our destination – a pre-emptive jetlag manoever. Naturally he had other plans of his own and we know who’s boss on that front! Nevertheless we made it to Singapore. The missing Air Asia flight puts things in perspective. Even though we were five hours late, we arrived safe and sound. So very ready for some shut eye if only we could find the right apartment! 

Changi airport 2am

Not the 9.30pm arrival we had expected!


Man carrying lots of luggage

Now, was it 235 or 237? Block A or B?


Baby playing with toys in Singapore

After a half decent nap, Baby Boy O was ready to hit the toy box


Man walking by big green plants

I’ve missed Asia with its giant tropical plants and monsoon rains


Baby in car seat in Singapore taxi

Taxi over to east coast


Blonde woman and baby

Sydney Becs with jetlagged and grumpy Baby Boy O


Baby on cream couch

Still waking up…slowly


Two naked babies

Much happier when we went native with Cousin Curly Kiwi Frog


Chili crab dinner in plastic containers

Post massage take out dinner with the French famiile


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