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Dec 31

Daily Pics: Last Day Of An Amazing Year

by in Asia

It’s been one of the best years of my life. Our little cherub arrived, we have each other, our health and the freedom to roam. I wake each morning feeling incredibly fortunate, blessed with more than I could ever ask for. Part wondering what we have done to be deserving and every ounce grateful. My artist friend Deb selects a word each year. Following in her footsteps my word for 2015 is “balance”. Being in equilibrium, at that continually changing point where things are harmonious, where the moment matters and is effortless in a positive way. Bring on 2015. 


Items laid out all over bed

We’ve managed to accumulate more stuff. Packing fast after a late wake up


Instructions on how to find the cricket network

Dearest Banana knows English Hubby well! Thank you my dear friend xx


Dad giving son medicine

Off to Sydney Bec’s for a quick drink and tips on navigating Bali immigration. Poor little Cousin curly Kiwi Frog lapping up his Panadol


Two couples with babies

Old and new friends, and can’t wait to meet the soon to arrive little one


Baby holding baby seatbelt

Off to Bali. Safety first!


Baby with infant life raft

Do I really need this mummy?!


Baby in airplane bassinet

Our happy little traveler 


Immigration arrival hall in Bali

Lines aren’t too bad


Taxi in Bali

Getting ripped off by the taxi driver – 275,000 rupees or bust


Lights of Denpasar

Fireworks over the horizon. Just don’t hold them.


Man swimming in pool

Starting the new year with a swim in our pool. Thank you for an amazing year, and looking forward to 2015 with open arms


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