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Dec 28

Daily Pics: Delayed in Doha

by in Asia, Europe

I’ve heard of Sleepless in Seattle, but never thought I’d be delayed in Doha! Thank goodness for middle eastern hospitality. Doha International was an oasis, compared to American airports. Nice clean family change rooms, places to comfortably rest, service with a smile, people who know what their doing. I think they should base the next reality TV season of Survivor in JFK. That is enough to make contestants cry. 


Changing baby diaper in Doha airport

Diaper change time


Women's quiet room in Doha

Those men are just so loud, here’s a place to escape


Family area in Doha airport

Talk about awesome


Posing in front of a giant yellow teddy bear at Doha airport

Exploring the terminal. Not everyday you see a giant yellow teddy bear


Baby playing with orange strap

Doing quite well given its about 2am London time


Departure board in Doha

You’ve got to be sh*tting me. Now a 4.5 hour delay?!


Sitting in the quiet room at Doha airport

Off to have a nap in the quiet room


Man with baby dining in Marche

Lunch / dinner / whatever at Marche. Not sure that time it is, nor do I want to know


Mum carrying baby wrapped in blue blanket

With my superstar traveller


Cabin of plane

And finally we are on board…Singapore here we come!


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