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Dec 27

Daily Pics: Farewell England, For Now

by in Europe

All good things must come to an end…for now. We leave England today, bound for Singapore, with a stopover in Doha. Having spent a month in Sevenoaks and with all the Christmas merriment we have managed to accumulate more stuff than we bargained for. Packing is a major game of creative Tetris. 


Man fixing computer

Last minute help desk 


Baby lying in suitcase

Another round of packing…


Baby in box

…what do we do with things that don’t fit?


Grandpa reading nursery rhymes to baby

Yah Yah entertaining Baby Boy O with nursery rhymes


Turkey pie

Nothing goes to waste…yummy!


Grandma holding baby on floor

Loading up on the cuddles. Everyone’s sad.


Baby sitting on aunts knee

See you soon Aunty Ems. Come visit us in NYC


Tossing baby to grandpa

Pass the baby. Yah Yah’s turn


Christmas tree at LHR

Finally through security at LHR


Baby and dad in airplane bulkhead row

Thank you Qatar Airways for the bulkhead row


Baby in airplane seat clapping hands

So how did you enjoy your trip to England?…


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