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Dec 26

Daily Pics: Christmas Toys

by in Europe

Boxing Day should be called unpacking day. Taking all our new toys out of their wrapping fand setting them up, like Mah Mah’s new iPhone and printers. English Hubby played 24 hour help desk, fixing and configuring almost every piece of electronic equipment in a 20 meter radius. Eco Jo dropped off the last delivery of Crimbo presents from Great Aunt Quilter and Great Uncle Golfer who were unfortunate casualties of the winter lurgies. It feels like it has been an entire month of Christmas. How wonderful!


Son helping mum set up iPhone

1-800-iPhone help desk


Christmas presents

Such thoughtful Christmas presents for Baby Boy O. A 50 year old turtle came home to roost


Aunt holding baby

Cuddles with Eco Jo


Baby posting with toy keys

Keys to the kingdom. The only piece of electronic kit daddy didn’t need to set up!


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