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Dec 21

Daily Pics: Family Tree

by in Europe

We had an early Christmas get together with the English Side of the family tree. Mah Mah has gone full out to make this a special day with goodies and treats galore for everyone. The only downside is that lurgies have reduced our numbers by four, and they are dearly missed. As usual with these events eyes are bigger than tummies, there’s always someone who falls asleep on the couch (!) and we managed to squeeze in a stroll to Knole to try to alleviate the guilt of that extra handful of cheese balls, half a dozen mini sausage rolls and one too many chocolate crackles. Eat. Drink. Be merry.


Man and baby in snowman outfit

Preparing the prize pony


Getting out the china

Getting out the china


Baby in snowman outfit

Rocking the snowman outfit 


Two ladies

Calm before the storm, Sunday best


Table laid out

Laying the table for lunch


Snacks in bowls

Putting out the snacks


Woman in kitchen cooking

Whirlwind of activity 


Roast beef being carved

Sunday roast with the most


People seated at dinner table

Digging in


Baby in high chair eating roast lunch

Getting in on the action


Boy and baby staring at each other

Sideshow Sam declared he doesn’t like babies…I’m not sure that’s entirely true



Pudding madness


Boy with foam packaging and baby looking on

Family fun and uncontrollable giggles


Mum and son making faces

Waiting for the wind to change


Baby opening early Christmas present

Early Christmas present


Baby inside play tent

Awesome play tent…


Two adults trying to fold up play tent

…but how the hell does it fold up again?!


Boys playing on couch

Sugar high kicking in


Boys watching YouTube

YouTube fest and cups of tea


Woman cooking sausage rolls

Sausage roll heaven


Snacks laid out on the red table cloth

You won’t go hungry in this house!



The day would not be complete without a Christmas wedgie


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