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Dec 25

Daily Pics: Baby’s First Christmas

by in Europe

What a day! So many lovely thoughtful gifts, and best of all surrounded by our loved ones. Aunty Ems played post lady. Mah Mah whipped up an amazing turkey roast with full trimmings, and also an extra white cake for us. Yah Yah put Santa to shame as he dished out an endless stream of presents. The singing penguin came out of hibernation. We have been thoroughly spoilt rotten!


Woman delivering Christmas cards

Post lady Ems delivering Christmas cards first thing in the morning


Kissing puffin Christmas ornament

This year’s new Christmas ornament from Project Puffin in Maine


Christmas morning family photo in bed

Christmas morning in bed


Grandma holding Christmas stocking for baby

Baby’s first Christmas. Mah mah has made it sooo special.


Wrapping paper and gifts all over the bed

Opening our stockings. Keeping the kids entertained. What great fun!


Skyping with mum and dad

Merry Christmas Australia!


Mum taking orders for breakfast

Taking orders for breakfast


Fried full breakfast

Fry up please!


Baby in high chair with bib

Where’s my food?!


Christmas tree with lots of presents

Present time!


Baby with crazy singing penguin

The crazy singing penguin makes an appearance


Family with baby

I want my presents now!


Baby and grandma with book

Thank you for my Sophie the Giraffe book Mah Mah. I love it!


Baby tasting the strap of the back pack

These presents are tasty!


Grandpa giving baby a present

More for me?! Thank you Yah Yah!


Fox's party rings

Thanks babe, just what I wanted!


Man holding Christmas present

Can’t do this in Jill’s mum’s car


Platter full of snacks

Someone take these snacks away from me!


Baby asleep

Opening presents, such hard work!


Christmas turkey

Lunch time. Yummo.


Baby wearing Christmas cracker hat

Do I really have to wear this mummy?


Christmas roast plate



Baby naked with teething necklace

Half time change of clothes


The queen on tv

Tradition continues


Baby and grandpa wearing Christmas crack hat

Christmas cuddles


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