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Dec 24

Daily Pics: Christmas Eve Date Night

by in Europe

Lots of last minute preparation for Christmas including a much needed hair cut. I’m in two minds about Christmas. I love the tradition and being with family. I grimace at the consumerism which is why we’ve tried to edge toward more thoughtful gifts. In a perfect hippy dippy world we would make our gifts – crafts, poetry, letters, paintings – gifts that convey meaning and take thought and time to create. Gifts that arrive in slow motion, not over night shipped. I may not have fully gotten to that place this year, but the intent and mindful desire is there. Happy Christmas Eve. 


Christmas decorations in baby room

Mah Mah went to town!


Baby and grandma in kitchen

Morning chunder and cuddles


Waitrose checkout

Another trip to Waitrose


Baby with purple spoon

Loving the spicy tomato soup for lunch


Lunch leftovers

Last of the leftovers from the family gathering


Dinner at loch fyne

Chatty date night. What is your word for next year? Opportunity. Balance.


Skyping for Christmas

Wishing Australia a Merry Christmas


Santa door tag

He’s the best baby boy in the whole world. We love you more than words can describe


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