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Jan 03

Daily Pics: Bali R&R

by in Asia

Enjoying some much needed R&R at our lovely villa. So very glad we chose to stay here. Thank you to all our Facebook friends who gave us advice on whether an open swimming pool would be a hazard for an eight month old baby. The wonders of technology, allowing us to crowdsource an answer. 


Happy baby

Hello sunshine


Napping baby

Nap time now


Man selling sweet potato

Sweet potato for my sweet boy


Woman crossing street in Bali

Bringing home the goodies


Mangosteen and rambutan

More snacks


Baby napping with book

More napping


Man getting hot stone massage on table

Hot stone rub down


Man and baby in pool

And a delicious dip


Man having dinner

Followed by a yummy (dark) dinner at the Bvlgari Resort


Baby and mum at dinner

With my fabulous boys


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