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Feb 24

Daily Pics: Hello Hong Kong

by in Asia

It’s been almost 10 years since we’ve visited Hong Kong and it all feels familiar and new at the same time. I remember the buildings and the lights, the smells and the sound. I’ve forgotten the grime and the dirt, the inability of people to walk in a straight trajectory and the desire of pedestrians to find space where none exists. This was my home many moons ago, and where I met some of my favorite people in the whole entire world. We are staying with one of them right now and it still feels as if time has not missed a beat. 


Hong Kong by day

Wonderfully familiar territory…


Three people and baby in group elevator selfie

…with tiny elevators


Buildings in central HK

Not sure if low visibility is caused by fog, smog or a combo of both


Escalator through mid levels

A trip down memory lane…or more precisely a ride up escalator alley


Mum and baby cheering on escalator on HK

Onward and upward


Man lifting stroller down stairs

One hell of a job to maneuver the beast


Man lying on couch and baby standing nearby

All this banking, sightseeing and exploring is hard work


Baby sitting in a pillow fort

A more secure pillow fort


Woman in yellow cardigan making dinner

Making dinner with groceries from Aeon


fridge stuffed with haloumi

Only Donna Deal would buy 8kgs of haloumi and 200 bottles of wine


Hong Kong causeway bay view by night

Hong Kong by night


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