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Jan 01

Daily Pics: Bali High

by in Asia

Bali was never on my list of places to go. Growing up in Australia, Bali was where the lager louts and bogans went for their corn roll braid holidays. Sort of like what the trashy Ibiza party crowd is to the English. But as I’ve learned over the last year to never say never. We are here for my Dear Kinder Friend’s wedding and I’m loving being in the heat and mess and smell of Indonesia. Having crowd sourced the decision to stay in a gorgeous villa with a private pool, we find ourselves amongst old friends. Over 25 years and still recognizable. Connections renewed, it is now time to play. 


View of green fields

A view from the top


Baby in stroller outside villa

Heading off to explore


Man pushing stroller down lane in Bali

Loving the sights and smells


Busy road with motorcycles

And sounds and the craziness


Killer Mexican food in Bali

May be a killer in more ways than one


Bali fried chicken stand

What would Kentucky think?   


Nasi goreng breakfast

Traditional breakfast with an old family friend


Man in supermarket in Bali

Love checking out the local supermarket


London biscuits

You never know what you will find


Small side road to villa in Bali

Not surprising we got lost finding the villa last night


Baby and dad in red tops

Going for the mini me camouflage look


Man carrying baby in car seat

Meeting up at Finns Bar


Finns bar beach front

A long way down for a cocktail on the beach


Vernacular to Finns bar

Thank goodness for the mechanical intervention


Me and husband

Quick selfie plus one


Storm approaching beach

Perfectly timed around the torrential storm


Crab on beach

Maybe the crab ran off with English Hubby’s fitbit


Big hugs

Big hugs from a Starr


Bonfire on the beach

Not your average night in Bali


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