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Mar 29

You Give Me Fever

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

We finally get the chance to go off the grid for a mountain adventure in Guadalupe Mountains National Park and Baby Boy O has a teething fever. Started off with his hands in his mouth and lots of drooling, then progressed in the morning to a fever of 38.5 degrees. After a shot of baby Pedia Care he seems back to his normal self so we headed off on the McKirritck Canyon Trail for a beautiful 6 mile canyon hike. We fretted over him all day, making sure he’s well hydrated with drink stops every 20 minutes, well shaded with an umbrella and well cooled with a wet towel on his neck. He’s a tough little trooper and loved the hike, as did daddy and mummy. Teething really sucks.


Baby boy o having early breakfast

Little poppet feeling very warm


Fresh red tomatoes

Lovely present from a fellow RVer

Long freight train

Waiting waiting waiting

Caution high winds sign

Blown all over the road


ÏEnglish hubby cleaning wind screen

Perfecting the drive by photo moment


Guadalupe mountains

Heading to the Guadalupe Mountains


Rover at entrance to McKittrick canyon

Off to hike McKittrick Canyon


Start of the canyon hike

Start of a six mike hike, a little nervous given the little one's fever


Blue skies in the canyon

Raw and beautiful


Family photo in McKittrick canyon

Canyon pose

Dries river beds

Over dried river beds

Mummy and baby boy o under an umbrella

Nice and cool under the shade


Native plant



Smooth bark trees

Smooth bark trees, right in the middle of the desert


English hubby crossing stream

Hop skip and jump over the little stream

Baby boy o touching tree

Baby Boy O communing with nature


Spindly green plant

Where the wild things grow

Beautiful mountains and blue sky with clouds

Hallowed skies


Feeding baby boy o at the cabin

Pit stop at the cabin

Baby boy o eating fruit

Fruit break, yummy!

Baby boy o feeling a little better sitting on table

Feeling like his old self


Silouhette  of tree and sun

Thank goodness for water breaks every 20 minutes


Sweet little baby boy o

Little smiley guy


English hubby walking the trail

Trudging forward with daddy


Baby boy o carried by dad at the grotto

We finally reach the grotto


Family selfie

Canyon family selfie


Dad changing baby boy o on picnic table

Picnic table bush change


Cool grotto

Natural air conditioning


Baby boy o asleep in the carrier with dad

Exhausted, barreling back along the path


Stones on a river bed

Stone Age


Rocky River bed

Rock on!


Canyon trees

Getting weary in the heat


Glad to have made it back safely. Headed to the campground, navigated tricky parking and fired up the generator for some welcome air conditioning


Baby boy o in orange too carried by dad

My little trooper


Beware of mountain lions sign

Explains the scat on the trail


Baby boy o and dad sitting in camping chair outside RV

Settling in for the night





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