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Mar 12

Daily Pics: Up and About (Sort Of)

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Yesterday I casually wrote “can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow” and Baby Boy O delivers. This morning he hoisted himself up from sitting to standing position, using the strategically positioned car seat as balance bars. If that wasn’t enough, this afternoon he took his first independent steps! Holding onto the couch for dear life, legs shakey and a mix of pure fear and excitement. Small steps for him, big steps for all of us. 


Baby standing against car seat

Hoisting himself up with all his might


Man and baby eating lunch on picnic table

Family lunch outside, sharing it with a few wasps


Baby in bunk bed playing with toys

A few moments of quiet play, in between Pterodactyl like cries


Baby standing

Big steps for a small boy 


Boomerang meat pie

An Aussie boomerang meat pie. Close enough, and tasty. 


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