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Mar 12

Daily Pics: Hunger Games

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Baby Boy O has been eating up a storm. He can’t seem to get enough of food and milk, and his all time favorite, watermelon. Definitely another growth spurt on the way, adding to the mental leaps he’s already making. Everyday is a new day and learning just continues exponentially. I feel so fortunate to be able to be witness to these events – things we as adults take for granted day in day out – but from a little ones point of view, it is a huge leap to take one foot step after another and hold himself still, to sift out then eject an unsavory food item from a mouthful of food, to open and close a box and take out blocks from a container, to play games with his mummy and understand the idea of taking turns and rolling in fits of laughter at each other. My baby played quietly and even looked after me today as I recouped in bed. His sweet chubby fingers gently wrapped around mine as I napped. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.


Baby on tummy looking out

Sweet Baby Boy O looking at birdies by the Colorado River


Baby eating home made jook

Food glorious food


Dad and baby in carrier asleep

Daddy took him out for a walk to the activity center and along the trails


Colorado River Texas

After lunch walk to the river with mummy


Baby hair

His natural little coif


Baby standing on play equipment

Standing up and holding on like a big boy 


Baby sitting on slide

Having fun at the playgrounds and playing games with mummy


Pork roast dinner

Delicious roast dinner after an afternoon of play, cuddles and naps. Life is so very good


Map of the USA

Netflix date night in, and trip planning


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