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Mar 09

Daily Pics: The New Normal

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

We are settling into a new normal. Baby Boy O wakes us, he feeds, we play. Breakfast, clean up, admin, pack and go. We shop for essentials or gas or something, we lunch and we drive further. He cries, laughs, moans, smiles and more. We reach our destination where I unpack the inside whilst occupying the little one and English Hubby hooks up the RV outside. A little more play, perhaps a book. Then bath, another feed, and put to bed. Then dinner, dishes and we try to catch up on all the things we feel we should have done during the day in transit. Even without a ‘real job’ our time is cram filled with living.


Dad and baby playing with blocks in bed

Morning playtime


Baby napping

Nap time



Looking out the window of the RV

Drive time through fog in Galveston


Baby eating cantaloupe

Lunch time snack


Baby in car seat

Afternoon giggles


Computer screen

Grown up stuff

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