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Mar 18

Daily Pics: Me and My Boy

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

We’re camping out at Peach Country RV Park for the rest of the week. English Hubby gets to make sales calls and I get to hang out with my cheeky little boy. His personality grows stronger every single day and there are many giggles and laughs, but also grumps and tantrums. He came off his straight through the night sleeping schedule a few days back, mainly because of teething. We had to take some action to help him learn to get back in that sleep groove. Baby Boy O has mastered the art of standing. All good except he gets frustrated because he can’t do much else like move, sit or balance. He’s quickly entering toddlerhood and I’m busily reading books and searching for tips and YouTube videos to smooth the transitions. All that being said he is great company. I think we’ll keep him!


Baby playing piano

A couple of renditions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in C major


Baby holding onto chair and trying to walk

Practicing the art of walking


Baby in the stroller on the side of the road

Taking a long walk down to the Pendernales River


Baby lying on mat in activity center

Taking an afternoon nap after all that play


Man fixing the sink in the RV



Plumbers putty

Putty in my hands


Man cooking on bbq outside RV

Date night BBQ dinner al fresco


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