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Mar 05

Daily Pics: Home On Wheels

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Winter caught up with us with a good sprinkling of snow in Dallas. We planned to take off at 9 but ended up leaving by about 10am. So is life with a little one who now refuses to be put down to play alone. Packing takes twice as long! We sludged our way to Conroe to pick up Rover. Luckily he was tucked away safe and sound with everything in good working order. A few quick pit stops to dewinterize, settle storage and restock on supplies, then onto our spot for the night. It’s good to be home.


View of snow from hotel room

Dallas in white


Baby sitting on be playing with buckets

Still practicing with the buckets


Dad and son eating breakfast

Like father like son


Snow on windscreen

Heading 196 miles south!


Highway driving

A balmy 37 degree Fahrenheit 


RV storage unit

Hello Rover


Baby sitting in drivers seat crying

But I don’t want to drive it mummy!


Inside of class c motor home

Flat battery but everything else in good nick


RV on the road

On the road again!


Man and baby in supermarket

Restocking with goodies


RV at lake Conroe

Parking up for the night


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