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Mar 03

Daily Pics: SitterCity

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Thank goodness for SitterCity. We managed to find a great babysitter to meet us at our hotel in Irving. Baby Boy O loved the attention from someone new. Martha was great, nevertheless leaving my baby with a near complete stranger is a harrowing experience. We had a number of trial runs today – baby sitter and late night pitch perfect rehearsals – and now we have more peace of mind for tomorrow. Que sera sera. 


Babysitter holding baby

Striking gold with Martha


Babysitter changing baby in hotel room

Nice to have another pair of hands


Baby in stroller

Loving all the attention


Baby wearing a supercool tshirt

The t-shirt says it all


Baby playing in hotel room

Calm before the bedtime storm. Sometimes you have to shut the hotel door and rehearse in the hallway


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