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Mar 02

Daily Pics: The Final Flying Leg

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

It’s been a very long day, starting in LA and ending in Dallas. Another snafu with American Airlines neglecting to inform us that they had changed our 11.10 flight to 09.30. Our patience tested in one long line after another – baggage check, rebooking and then security. Having spent over five hours in LAX Terminal 4 I can now safely say that it ranks as one of the worst airports in the world. Nevertheless we made the best of our closing leg of travel, grabbing lunch, finding a little nook to rest and even sneaking in a floor nap. Baby Boy O held up as well as a teething baby in transit can. It’s near midnight in our hotel room and he has finally melted down. This marks the official close of our round the world in 91 days chapter. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it and looking forward to being reunited with Rover, soon.


Baby sitting on carpet with sign that says week 46

A great way to start the day in LA


Boy holding home made book

Pirate Coopy with his swashbuckling tales


Baby and little girl reading yellow book

Princess Lila recounting stories of dragons


Man and baby with heart shaped balloon

A lot of love in the air


Waiting in line at lax

Line after line


Baby boy o sitting on top of luggage

Bag surfer


Floor napping at lax

Making the most of the situation


Mum carrying napping baby on plane

It’s been a long long day


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