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Mar 27

Fat Dash

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

One supermarket shop, two fast food stops, four hours drive time, 240 more miles under our belt we made it from Medina to Fort Stockton. Due west along the gun barrel of Texas. We experimented with a new approach – driving two hours, breaking for an early dinner and bath time for Baby Boy O, and then back in the hot seat for another two hours. It sort of worked, with sporadic cries as the little one was woken from slumber by bumpy roads and the loud clattering of dishes and stuff in our RV. The experiment continues.


Baby boy o standing on a trike

Checking out the trike


Rover worked with Harley and stoller

Which ride would you prefer?


Medina hills

Drive through the hills


Long john silvers

Long John Silvers, surprisingly delicious fish and chips and good service too

Baby boy o in car shopping cart

Beep beep, move out the way!


Baby boy o in cart in supermarket

Stocking up at H.E.B.


Mummy and baby boy o under big sombrero

Hola sombrero


Baby boy o standing in RV

Half time break. Letting him stretch out


English hubby standing outside rover

English hubby piecing Rover back together


Mummy and baby boy o playing tickle games

Tickle games


Pizza Hut skinny pizza

Our second serving of fat fast food today. Pizza Hut's skinny pizza with an asterisk stating it is not a low calorie food!


Pizza Hut booth

Notice how wide the booths are?! Pizza Hut patron size


Roadside bathing

Post dinner roadside bath, all ready for bed and the final leg of the drive


Driving into the sunset

Driving into the sunset


Fire sunset

Sky's on fire

Driving to fort Stockton at night

Hello Fort Stockton


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