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Mar 31

Daily Pics: Breaking Bad Fever

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Another sleepless night. Baby Boy O's fever seems to be easing off a little but there is still no reprieve for his sore gums. Given the situation English Hubby sacrificed his morning hike up to Guadalupe Peak and we pack up and drive toward civilization. When we break for lunch at Popeyes, Baby Boy O seems to be fighting fit, and demanding more chicken. By the time we park up in New Mexico, he's back to his old social self, absorbing every word of our conversation with Uncle Vince from the RV with the cool little Fiat 500 next door. A kindred traveller experiencing a change of pace, from Gulf Stream to A Class. Reflecting back on his life journey he says something that sticks like glue – there are no luggage racks in a hurst. Full stop.


Sunrise at Guadalupe

An early morning start. At least we get to see the sun rise


Packing the RV

Operation pack and go


Baby boy o smiling in carseat

Happy to be heading toward civilization


Guadalupe national park

Farewell, we will be back


Mum cuddling baby boy o with Guadalupe peak in the background

Precious cuddles


10000 miles on rover

Rover clocked it


My first drive in rover

First drive


Salt flats

Salt flats. The name says it all


Baby boy o unwell in car seat

Still not feeling great


Warning sign for barb wire

Post office stop. You'd think it would be pretty obvious


Baby boy o feeling better

Perking up in time for lunch


Popeyes lunch

So bad yet so good


Sign for El Paso

Heading to El Paso


Typical American highway

The quintessential American highway


Welcome to New Mexico sign

The land of enchantment



The inconvenient truth - where our beef comes from. Horrific CAFOs


Baby boy o in breaking dad onsie

Perfect for New Mexico. Thanks Mommy Wolfe


Baby boy o bathing outdoors

After talking to Uncle Vince, we fill up the outdoor jacuzzi



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