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Mar 14

Daily Pics: Infinite Change

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Today is Pi day 3.14.15…and so on, infinitely, random and changing. It is written that the beauty of Pi is that it puts infinity within reach. Therefore today it seems fitting that we commit to make an infinitely wise change. We all have that mental list – eat better, sleep more, do more exercise, moisturize, drink more water, meditate more and so on.  Some day we will run out of time to take that journey of change. So today English Hubby and I have started reading the Zen Habits book, Mastering the Art of Change, and are committing to just one change as we work through the chapters in this book. That one thing is to get more exercise. There. It’s out there in the big wide world. 


Morning fog

Sometimes you need to get through the fog to get some clarity


Dad holding baby in supermarket

We had grand ambitions to refuel, hike and explore. Shopping as always took longer than anticipated


Baby sitting on supermarket scales

Weighing in


Lunch from whole foods

Thank goodness for Whole Foods


Fridge packed with food

Won’t be going hungry anytime soon


RV being refused with gas

Refueling, literally


Two iPads on dining table

After dinner commitment to change


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