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Mar 30

Boondock Fever

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

And the bad parent award goes to…us. Baby Boy O's fever is persistent and spiking. Perhaps a six mile hike in the middle of the day was not the smartest of all ideas. The poor thing keeps shoving his fingers into his mouth and crying out in pain. I wish it were an act to gain attention and extra cuddles but this time his need to be close is so real and so strong that he'd climb back up into my womb if he could. Of course whilst this is all happening we are boondocking – relying on our own water and battery electrics – in the middle of nowhere, with patchy cell phone reception, and over two hours away from the nearest children's hospital in El Paso. I'm not particularly religious, but I have whispered a few quiet requests to whomever is listening to keep my boy safe from harm.


English hubby doing dishes

Communal sink dish washing to try to save water


Baby boy sleeping fever

Restless night, sleeping his fever off

Guadalupe mountain in the morning

The mighty mountain, blocking any cell phone reception


Baby medication

Wet towels and Pedia Care therapy


Baby boy o and dad at breakfast

He still has an appetite which is a good sign


Rover parked at Guadalupe mountain

Some pretty funky parking to get all 32 feet in the spot


Baby boy o watching dad work

Watching daddy work


Happier baby boy o with mummy

Perking up a little


Guadalupe mountain evening view

Evening view


Baby boy o with mummy and Sophie the giraffe

Itchy teeth



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