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Mar 06

Daily Pics: Yellow Balloon Day

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Getting settled back into the RV bit by bit. It’s nice to rediscover our tiny house on wheels and not having to live out of a suitcase. Baby Boy O’s shoe rack of clothes is unpacked, toys put away, English Hubby spent the morning rearranging the storage to make room for a stroller too. We now move from two vehicles to one. Rental returned after a circuitous drive around Houston airport courtesy of Google Maps. We are now traveling as a family in Rover, heading down to Galveston to meet Finland Gal and Handyman Dan. Running late of course. 


Baby stuff in RV

The great unpack


White car parked next to RV with lake in background

Farewell rental


Baby in shopping cart with yellow helium balloon

A very happy baby thanks to the lovely lady at Krogers


Baby and mum with yellow balloon in supermarket

Balloon games in the frozen aisle


Sunset over the port

From Houston to Galveston, a sunset with love 


Baby and lady playing with yellow balloon

All you need is a balloon and a Finnish Gal


Man with birthday cake and six candles

Only six years old!


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