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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Daily Pics: What A Difference A Day Makes

Hong Kong has really turned on the glitz. The sun is shining, the mist has cleared and the sky is blue. It is a completely different city of concrete angels. We went from sea to sky on the Big Bus. Stanley for lunch and Sky 100 in the afternoon to view Hong Kong from the heavens. Then back to basics with dinner at ABC Kitchen. So very grateful for good health, good friends, good weather. 


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Daily Pics: Big Bus Small Dumplings

It’s so much fun playing tourist in Hong Kong. Although I’d lived here for the best part of a couple of years, there were many parts of Hong Kong that were left untouched. Taking the hop on hop off Big Bus is a superb way to see (what we could through the mmist) the new and old of this incredible city. We rode on the open air top deck and feasted on the sights and tastes of Hong Kong island and Kowloon. Baby Boy O qualities for the best baby in the world award. He rolled with his oldies, out all day, sneaking in two on-the-go naps and being a charm magnet. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Daily Pics: Hello Hong Kong

It’s been almost 10 years since we’ve visited Hong Kong and it all feels familiar and new at the same time. I remember the buildings and the lights, the smells and the sound. I’ve forgotten the grime and the dirt, the inability of people to walk in a straight trajectory and the desire of pedestrians to find space where none exists. This was my home many moons ago, and where I met some of my favorite people in the whole entire world. We are staying with one of them right now and it still feels as if time has not missed a beat. 


Hong Kong by day

Wonderfully familiar territory…


Three people and baby in group elevator selfie

…with tiny elevators


Buildings in central HK

Not sure if low visibility is caused by fog, smog or a combo of both


Escalator through mid levels

A trip down memory lane…or more precisely a ride up escalator alley


Mum and baby cheering on escalator on HK

Onward and upward


Man lifting stroller down stairs

One hell of a job to maneuver the beast


Man lying on couch and baby standing nearby

All this banking, sightseeing and exploring is hard work


Baby sitting in a pillow fort

A more secure pillow fort


Woman in yellow cardigan making dinner

Making dinner with groceries from Aeon


fridge stuffed with haloumi

Only Donna Deal would buy 8kgs of haloumi and 200 bottles of wine


Hong Kong causeway bay view by night

Hong Kong by night


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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Daily Pics: Gong Hey Fatt Choi

Chinese New Year takes on a different meaning with a little one. So much more fuss is made and to see well worn events through the eyes of a little one is just magical. Spending it with family is so very special, more than words can ever describe. The lunar new year is always a turning of the page. New luck and fortune, a new chapter. Change will come and may we have the courage and compassion to accept things as they are.


Baby with red plum mess all over his high chair

A prosperous red start to the new year


Mum grandma and baby in a chinese outfit

Our little china doll


Baby in Chinese outfit with grandparents in red

Thanks for the ang pow Gong Gong and Poh Poh


Baby in Chinese outfit with ang POWs

Happy year of the goat!


Mum and baby in Chinese outfit

My heart melts 


Family photo in front garden

Everyone say cheese!


Sisters with ang pow

Show me the money says Squee


Car parked at an angle

Special parking


Red money tree

Let it rain down under the money tree


Feeding baby under grey shawl

Under cover moment


Dragon dance drums

Finally the drums start to roll


Grandpa carrying baby with love

Not scared at all as Gong Gong keeps his hand on his heart


Dragon dance

Loving the dragon dance


Baby starring

Completely captivated


Dragon dance troupe

Walking the halls, meeting and greeting


Aunt feeding baby

Delicious dim sum lunch at Lucky Chan


Melbourne in sunshine

Perfect Melbourne sunshine day


Chinese red lanterns strung across trees



Great aunt with baby and dad

Chance meeting


Shadow of a couple on a pier

Off for a walk


Man by river with city in background

Exploring the Yarra


Path along the docklands

And a quick shop at the Docklands


Family at home

Home is where the family is


Vegetarian dinner

Delicious dinner whipped up by dad


Super mum and greatest dad mugs

So very true


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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Daily Pics: The Local

Hanging out locally and at The Local. Morning hungry hippo breakfast down Main Street, followed by a walk by the beach back home. Then another day of photo scanning and digitizing of memories. A seemingly endless Sisyphusean project. Bath time and bed time sneaks up and the little one is put to bed and grandparents are on babysitting duty. We sneak off to drinks and dinner at The Local with the sisters plus two. Another great day in Melbourne. 


Men and woman eating breakfast

Breakfast on Main Street


Shark mural

Shark attack


Baby and grandma playing the piano

Light entertainment


Old photos and scanner

Then back to work


Grandma reading to baby

Some of the helpers are slacking off! 


Beer wisdom

The truth…


Shelves with beer

…on tap


Man and woman smiling

One sister…


Two couples having a beer outdoors

Two sisters…


Six tubs of ice cream

…six tubs of ice cream. Sounds fair!


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Monday, 9 February 2015

Daily Pics: Photos

The generational gap is best exemplified by preferences for photos. I like them digital where there is no need to categorize them, put them in photo albums, or worry that may disappear in a flood or fire. They are there at your fingertips (cloud access willing) and digital photos are even capable of telling you where they were taken. Crazy Daisy falls in the other camp. Mum likes the feel of a photo, the flip of the page, the ability to show them to her friends in a nicely laid out book. So we’ve spent the better part of the day sequencing and sorting baby photos and putting them into albums. I have to admit there is something nice and satisfying about the end product, a book that pages through Baby Boy O’s first few months. 


Batch coffee shop

So very Melbourne. Best coffee culture in the world


Mum smooching baby

Smooches with…


Baby in space cadet onesie

…my little space cadet


Two women walking down driveway

Off she goes to audit the shops with her carer


Mum sorting photos at dining table

Sorting photos


Grandma with photo of crying baby

Such precious moments captured


Grandma holding baby in stripped tank top

But nothing is a good as the real thing!


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Friday, 6 February 2015

Daily Pics: Walk Down Memory Lane

I remember summer days like these where we would feel slow and lethargic. As a kid the days would feel so very long and the sun shone so very hot. The breeze offers no relief. The ding of the bell announcing recess was over was a welcome sound just to escape the outdoors. That smell of grass and sunshine and baking dirt. Now, given we are all grown up, we jump in the car and escape to Southland to get out of the heat.


Baby in high chair surrounded by grandparents

Who are these crazy people?!


Baby resting on grandpas shoulder

It’s so hot I’m melting


Woman eating Hokkien me

Lunch at Southland


Baby eating hot cross buns

Baby Boy O is in on the action with a fistful of hot cross buns


Two women and baby in Southland

Only last week Stinky and I were wondering what happened to Sarah and Michelle. The universe has a funny way of bringing people together


Man sliding

Evening walk with my honey


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Monday, 2 February 2015

Daily Pics: Laksa Night

Our days are packed with so many activities that by night’s end we are exhausted. It’s a lovely feeling, days so full of things I want to do, people to see and places to be. Poor English Hubby has been working at home whilst Baby Boy O and I scoot all over town. Today we took our first Melbourne train ride together, off to Richmond to meet Cookes for lunch. Aunty Cycle Janice and Uncle Nurse Kev came over for laksa dinner and chats on Darwinism at its best. Add a couple of bags of chips, Vietnamese sweeties, fresh cut mango and a tub of salted caramel ice cream and tummies are way full before bed. 


Baby with papaya and surprise look on face

What?! No more food?


Baby at mordialloc train station

Introducing Baby Boy O to Melbourne public transportation


Baby and mum looking out train window

Someone loves looking out the window


Football art in Richmond



Baby held by man crying

Don’t you know I’m famous?


Poached than fried egg

Had to try this place because it had Rambo in its name


Grandma reading baby A Bumbelbee book

Loving the present from Poh Poh


Grandma feeding baby

Loving the doughy sweetness of a bao more!


Baby playing with buckets held by Aunty

Cuddles with Cycle Janice


Baby playing buckets on table

Build it up just to tear it down


Baby playing with red packets

More to add to the baby bank account. Thank you!


Auntie feeding baby a nectarine

Pre bath time feeding frenzy continues


Woman with tub of ice cream

What are the rest of you having?


Sisters sitting at dining table

Sisters (junior)


Mum with her sister

Sisters (senior)


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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Daily Pics: Building

Reno Charlie and Opera Cat have been renovating their place for years. Seeing it come together is beautiful. A happy place, full of life and light. Just like their lovely family. Building takes years. Gardens take time to grow, then taste so very sweet. We look forward to the dinner party with the long rustic table that stretches from the deck, through the window and into the garden. Cheers. 


Pot of congee

Made with love – 5am and Gong Gong is in the kitchen


Grandpa and baby watching the rain

Watching the world go by through a curtain of rain


Grandpa feeding baby

Loving every spoonful


Baby skyping with grandparents

Baby Boy O skyping with all the grandparents


Driving over the west gate bridge

Over the West Gate Bridge


Lego pincer on the nose

Lego nose job


Boy with present

Where there’s a will there’s a way


Baby sitting on woman's lap

Playing pick up toys with Opera Cat


Dad cutting up a plum cake with boys looking on

What can you do with a plum?


Boys playing with building blocks

Master builders


Boy holding basil and tomato dish

Youngest foodie on the block


Baby and dad

Like peas in a pod


Man watching final of Australian open

Big game in play


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