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Feb 10

Daily Pics: The Local

by in Australia

Hanging out locally and at The Local. Morning hungry hippo breakfast down Main Street, followed by a walk by the beach back home. Then another day of photo scanning and digitizing of memories. A seemingly endless Sisyphusean project. Bath time and bed time sneaks up and the little one is put to bed and grandparents are on babysitting duty. We sneak off to drinks and dinner at The Local with the sisters plus two. Another great day in Melbourne. 


Men and woman eating breakfast

Breakfast on Main Street


Shark mural

Shark attack


Baby and grandma playing the piano

Light entertainment


Old photos and scanner

Then back to work


Grandma reading to baby

Some of the helpers are slacking off! 


Beer wisdom

The truth…


Shelves with beer

…on tap


Man and woman smiling

One sister…


Two couples having a beer outdoors

Two sisters…


Six tubs of ice cream

…six tubs of ice cream. Sounds fair!


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