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Feb 09

Daily Pics: Photos

by in Australia

The generational gap is best exemplified by preferences for photos. I like them digital where there is no need to categorize them, put them in photo albums, or worry that may disappear in a flood or fire. They are there at your fingertips (cloud access willing) and digital photos are even capable of telling you where they were taken. Crazy Daisy falls in the other camp. Mum likes the feel of a photo, the flip of the page, the ability to show them to her friends in a nicely laid out book. So we’ve spent the better part of the day sequencing and sorting baby photos and putting them into albums. I have to admit there is something nice and satisfying about the end product, a book that pages through Baby Boy O’s first few months. 


Batch coffee shop

So very Melbourne. Best coffee culture in the world


Mum smooching baby

Smooches with…


Baby in space cadet onesie

…my little space cadet


Two women walking down driveway

Off she goes to audit the shops with her carer


Mum sorting photos at dining table

Sorting photos


Grandma with photo of crying baby

Such precious moments captured


Grandma holding baby in stripped tank top

But nothing is a good as the real thing!


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