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Feb 06

Daily Pics: Walk Down Memory Lane

by in Australia

I remember summer days like these where we would feel slow and lethargic. As a kid the days would feel so very long and the sun shone so very hot. The breeze offers no relief. The ding of the bell announcing recess was over was a welcome sound just to escape the outdoors. That smell of grass and sunshine and baking dirt. Now, given we are all grown up, we jump in the car and escape to Southland to get out of the heat.


Baby in high chair surrounded by grandparents

Who are these crazy people?!


Baby resting on grandpas shoulder

It’s so hot I’m melting


Woman eating Hokkien me

Lunch at Southland


Baby eating hot cross buns

Baby Boy O is in on the action with a fistful of hot cross buns


Two women and baby in Southland

Only last week Stinky and I were wondering what happened to Sarah and Michelle. The universe has a funny way of bringing people together


Man sliding

Evening walk with my honey


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