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Feb 01

Daily Pics: Building

by in Australia

Reno Charlie and Opera Cat have been renovating their place for years. Seeing it come together is beautiful. A happy place, full of life and light. Just like their lovely family. Building takes years. Gardens take time to grow, then taste so very sweet. We look forward to the dinner party with the long rustic table that stretches from the deck, through the window and into the garden. Cheers. 


Pot of congee

Made with love – 5am and Gong Gong is in the kitchen


Grandpa and baby watching the rain

Watching the world go by through a curtain of rain


Grandpa feeding baby

Loving every spoonful


Baby skyping with grandparents

Baby Boy O skyping with all the grandparents


Driving over the west gate bridge

Over the West Gate Bridge


Lego pincer on the nose

Lego nose job


Boy with present

Where there’s a will there’s a way


Baby sitting on woman's lap

Playing pick up toys with Opera Cat


Dad cutting up a plum cake with boys looking on

What can you do with a plum?


Boys playing with building blocks

Master builders


Boy holding basil and tomato dish

Youngest foodie on the block


Baby and dad

Like peas in a pod


Man watching final of Australian open

Big game in play


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