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Feb 19

Daily Pics: Gong Hey Fatt Choi

by in Australia

Chinese New Year takes on a different meaning with a little one. So much more fuss is made and to see well worn events through the eyes of a little one is just magical. Spending it with family is so very special, more than words can ever describe. The lunar new year is always a turning of the page. New luck and fortune, a new chapter. Change will come and may we have the courage and compassion to accept things as they are.


Baby with red plum mess all over his high chair

A prosperous red start to the new year


Mum grandma and baby in a chinese outfit

Our little china doll


Baby in Chinese outfit with grandparents in red

Thanks for the ang pow Gong Gong and Poh Poh


Baby in Chinese outfit with ang POWs

Happy year of the goat!


Mum and baby in Chinese outfit

My heart melts 


Family photo in front garden

Everyone say cheese!


Sisters with ang pow

Show me the money says Squee


Car parked at an angle

Special parking


Red money tree

Let it rain down under the money tree


Feeding baby under grey shawl

Under cover moment


Dragon dance drums

Finally the drums start to roll


Grandpa carrying baby with love

Not scared at all as Gong Gong keeps his hand on his heart


Dragon dance

Loving the dragon dance


Baby starring

Completely captivated


Dragon dance troupe

Walking the halls, meeting and greeting


Aunt feeding baby

Delicious dim sum lunch at Lucky Chan


Melbourne in sunshine

Perfect Melbourne sunshine day


Chinese red lanterns strung across trees



Great aunt with baby and dad

Chance meeting


Shadow of a couple on a pier

Off for a walk


Man by river with city in background

Exploring the Yarra


Path along the docklands

And a quick shop at the Docklands


Family at home

Home is where the family is


Vegetarian dinner

Delicious dinner whipped up by dad


Super mum and greatest dad mugs

So very true


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