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Friday, 29 May 2015

Daily Pics: Library Citizen of the World

We were in the jewelers and a perfect stranger cooed at Baby Boy O and offered the following piece of advice – the days are long, but the years are short. So very true. It feels like only yesterday that we came home with a tiny little baby, yet each day we plunder through milestones big and small. Today Baby Boy O got his own library card. A bonafide citizen of the NYPL. We also visited the Secret Garden in Central Park, ran errands, went to the grocery store, practiced walking, read books, made food to freeze, did work, prepped for play school and so much more. Long days, short years.


Walker in hallway

Beep beep, coming through. Watch out!


Grumpy holding sunglasses

Pre-nap grumps


Streets of Spanish Harlem

Streets of Spanish Harlem


Meditation spot

A spot of mediation


Conservatory gardens

Ahhh...Central Park


Pink blooming flowers

In bloom


Nypl card

Card carrying public library citizen


Baby shoes

On sale!


Cheesy dinner

Cheesy dinner


Eating mac and cheese

Yummy in his tummy


Mac and cheese

More for us, thanks Nanny C!


Shoe box

Long days, short years, fond memories


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Daily Pics: Contain Yourself

There's something about The Container Store that just sucks you in. Boxes, gadgets, hangers, storage, things to hide wires, drawers, hooks, shoe racks and so much more. What they sell is promise, an ideal that life can be organized and contained into neat foldable interlocking perfect squares. So much temptation lies there, especially when our home right now is a mess. It took willpower to exercise contraint and not buy a shortcut to organization nirvana.


Week 58

Another week under his belt


Messy diaper station

Cheeky little monster


Big smooch for mummy

Making up for it with a big smooch for mummy


Funny boy

Funny for Nanny C


Container store shopping

Just the essentials


Play school stuff

Adding to Baby Boy O's play school box


Walker in pieces

Where's Mah Mah when we need her help to put it together again?!



Thank you Mah Mah ang Yah Yah


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Daily Pics: Exhale

The price of lifting baby and boxes has caught up with me again. Even Superwoman needs a good massage every once in a while. Baby Boy O went with Nanny C to hand in his enrollment forms. My little boy is going to play school.


Roadwork book

New favorite book


Stroller with monkey

My little big baby boy. Off on a long walk with Nanny C


Madison Avenue

Could get use to being an UES mummy


Banana peanut butter muffins

Baking banana peanut butter no sugar muffins


Clean floor

So grateful to have Nanny C


FedEx redelivery notice

FedEx, you slay me


Yah yah, pa and me

Three generations. Happy birthday dad


Oven roasted steak dinner

Dinner for one and a half


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Daily Pics: First Pair of Shoes

Off to get a pair of big boy shoes. Thankfully Aunt S knows where to go. We walked away with a pair of very cool shoes, size 2.5 and orange bits too. Daddy will be pleased. A perfect day in the park. So New York to picnic by the Met, soak up the Sunday sun and make a friend for play dates.


Peekaboo hallway

Peekaboo hallway


Colored containers in dishwasher

Whole new world


Baby boy o looking up through stroller

Room with a beautiful view


Measuring up feet

Teeny tiny feet


Trying on new shoes



Big boy shoes

First pair of big boy shoes


Central Park near met

Fell in love with NYC so many years ago, looking out

Baby boy o sitting on grass

Who would have though this would be?


Grass and toes

Grass between his toes

Picnic with Aunt S

Aunt S, so very knowledgeable


Baby E at Central Park

Hey buddy! Sharing a ball and bananas


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Daily Pics: And Pick You Up Again

Lady Luck is on our side. I was sitting at the bank just about to cancel cards and switch over to new bank accounts when I received the call from Delta Baggage Services. They had found my carry on bag. New York City was testing what we were made of – kicking us in the teeth yesterday afternoon and picking us back up again today.


After a cab ride out to Terminal 4, a big hug to Vicky, Mimi, Lee and the Delta team, our stuff is back in our possession. Passports x3. Check books. Birth certificate. Laptop x2. Ipad. Phone. House keys. RV keys. Money and more. Although this stuff has a big impact on our lives, we came to realize that this stuff isn't our lives. We were all still ok. Passports and everything else can be replaced, yes, undoubtedly a major inconvienience, but not a tragedy. Thanks to all the people (including customer service Cindy) at Delta.



Monday, 11 May 2015

Daily Pics: Rough Landing

Welcome back to NYC. We arrived after a good flight, all intact, with everything, minus one very important carry on laptop bag. In the flurry of disembarking we left it in the overhead compartment. If it were any other item missing, it wouldn’t be as big a deal, but this one contained all our very important documents. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Passports, birth certificates, house keys, check books, laptops (yes, plural) the whole enchilada.

After two hours pleading with Delta baggage services, we left the airport empty handed and crestfallen. The bag is lost, possibly stolen. The missing stroller made it to the baggage pick up area, but the carry on didn’t. What next? It’s out of the jurisdiction of the 13th precint police. We have to return to JFK and file a report with the Port Authority police. The additional catch being that to file a report we we need to inform our respective embassies of our lost passports, but to do so requires us to file a report. Go figure. My head is about to explode. New York City has a way of kicking you in the teeth, just when you think you may have landed on your feet. At the end of the day it is a major inconvienience, but we are still happy and healthy, and we have the resources (and perhaps the strength after a good nights sleep) to deal with this dilemma. Upside is that Squee and Fatty Patty are with us.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Daily Pics: Just A Typical RV Day

Two more days to go before we leave Rover. It occurs to me that our RV has been the only real home Baby Boy O has known. Our 200 square foot tiny house on wheels. He's spent more time in Rover than anywhere else, other than my womb. Our nomadic rhythm is normal to him. Packing, moving, shopping, unpacking, swimming, is just another typical day. Boy, that's all going to change very soon!


Baby boy o with sunglasses

Little goofball


Stripping the bed

Stripping the bed


Baby boy o in laundry basket

Good wash needed


Walk around adventure bound

Morning nap walk


Thai lunch

Good ratings, disappointing Thai for lunch


Baby boy o smiling at balloon

That smile. Magic!


English hubby throwing watermelon into the air

Watermelon giggles


Feet on dash

Putting my feet up


Short nap

Didn't last long


Baby boy o with monkey

Monkeying around


Ball in swimming pool

Going nuts



Little vampire. Ouch!





Cooking vegan dinner



Friday, 1 May 2015

Daily Pics: Plane Plane

English Hubby is a plane buff. He spent his teenage years memorizing obscure facts about planes and all that pent up knowledge came flooding out. I was well impressed by his encyclopedic labeling of planes as we toured Davis AFB. Baby Boy O hasn't fallen far from the tree. He has an eagle eye for plane spotting. Two pigs in mud.


Baby boy o looking with big eyes

Hey, you looking at me?!


English hubby and baby boy o on the bus

Security check to get on the bus


Tour guide

English hubby's future volunteer role


Baby boy o looking at planes

Planes big and small


Sealed airplane

Sealed to keep out the desert dust and critters


Looking at planes



Attack helicopters

A for attack


Spare parts

Spare parts earning $10 on the dollar


Air command

Air command during the Cold War

Baby boy o asleep with mummy

Too much excitement

Planes cut up

Cut up so the soviet satellites can see


Galaxy carrier

You can pack heavy on this flight


Yellow Sea plane

Shiny planes


Baby boy o and English hubby

Pigs in mud


Red plane

Big red


Excited boy

So excited he doesn't know where to look!


Baby boy o in cockpit

Can't quite reach


Air traffic control

Cleared for landing


Baby boy o with wooden steering wheel

Pilot training for babies


Fiddly toy

So many fiddly bits


Baby boy o piloting a plane

Taking mummy for a ride


Chin ups

Top Gun training


English hubby eating chilli dog

Top Dog training


Helicopter on fork lift

So this is how you move a helicopter


Looking out at planes

Boys off to see the planes, enjoying a quiet moment


Green helicopter

Camo green


Baby boy o at rear of helicopter

Unafraid of danger


Baby boy o facing off to face

Staring it in the face


Entry to air and space museum

Air and Space Museum rocked!


Voted best in the nation sign

High expectations


Swimming pool at voyager resort

Not bad, but Monte Vista gets my vote


Indoor pool

Swimmy swimmy time


English hubby opening beer

Beer o'clock


Simple dinner

Real simple dinner



Basking in its glow


English hubby at table

Dinner date


Full moon

Vesak full moon