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May 27

Daily Pics: Contain Yourself

by in Everyday Journeys

There's something about The Container Store that just sucks you in. Boxes, gadgets, hangers, storage, things to hide wires, drawers, hooks, shoe racks and so much more. What they sell is promise, an ideal that life can be organized and contained into neat foldable interlocking perfect squares. So much temptation lies there, especially when our home right now is a mess. It took willpower to exercise contraint and not buy a shortcut to organization nirvana.


Week 58

Another week under his belt


Messy diaper station

Cheeky little monster


Big smooch for mummy

Making up for it with a big smooch for mummy


Funny boy

Funny for Nanny C


Container store shopping

Just the essentials


Play school stuff

Adding to Baby Boy O's play school box


Walker in pieces

Where's Mah Mah when we need her help to put it together again?!



Thank you Mah Mah ang Yah Yah



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