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May 29

Daily Pics: Library Citizen of the World

by in Everyday Journeys

We were in the jewelers and a perfect stranger cooed at Baby Boy O and offered the following piece of advice – the days are long, but the years are short. So very true. It feels like only yesterday that we came home with a tiny little baby, yet each day we plunder through milestones big and small. Today Baby Boy O got his own library card. A bonafide citizen of the NYPL. We also visited the Secret Garden in Central Park, ran errands, went to the grocery store, practiced walking, read books, made food to freeze, did work, prepped for play school and so much more. Long days, short years.


Walker in hallway

Beep beep, coming through. Watch out!


Grumpy holding sunglasses

Pre-nap grumps


Streets of Spanish Harlem

Streets of Spanish Harlem


Meditation spot

A spot of mediation


Conservatory gardens

Ahhh...Central Park


Pink blooming flowers

In bloom


Nypl card

Card carrying public library citizen


Baby shoes

On sale!


Cheesy dinner

Cheesy dinner


Eating mac and cheese

Yummy in his tummy


Mac and cheese

More for us, thanks Nanny C!


Shoe box

Long days, short years, fond memories



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