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May 24

Daily Pics: First Pair of Shoes

by in Everyday Journeys

Off to get a pair of big boy shoes. Thankfully Aunt S knows where to go. We walked away with a pair of very cool shoes, size 2.5 and orange bits too. Daddy will be pleased. A perfect day in the park. So New York to picnic by the Met, soak up the Sunday sun and make a friend for play dates.


Peekaboo hallway

Peekaboo hallway


Colored containers in dishwasher

Whole new world


Baby boy o looking up through stroller

Room with a beautiful view


Measuring up feet

Teeny tiny feet


Trying on new shoes



Big boy shoes

First pair of big boy shoes


Central Park near met

Fell in love with NYC so many years ago, looking out

Baby boy o sitting on grass

Who would have though this would be?


Grass and toes

Grass between his toes

Picnic with Aunt S

Aunt S, so very knowledgeable


Baby E at Central Park

Hey buddy! Sharing a ball and bananas



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