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May 26

Daily Pics: Exhale

by in Everyday Journeys

The price of lifting baby and boxes has caught up with me again. Even Superwoman needs a good massage every once in a while. Baby Boy O went with Nanny C to hand in his enrollment forms. My little boy is going to play school.


Roadwork book

New favorite book


Stroller with monkey

My little big baby boy. Off on a long walk with Nanny C


Madison Avenue

Could get use to being an UES mummy


Banana peanut butter muffins

Baking banana peanut butter no sugar muffins


Clean floor

So grateful to have Nanny C


FedEx redelivery notice

FedEx, you slay me


Yah yah, pa and me

Three generations. Happy birthday dad


Oven roasted steak dinner

Dinner for one and a half



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