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May 01

Daily Pics: Plane Plane

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

English Hubby is a plane buff. He spent his teenage years memorizing obscure facts about planes and all that pent up knowledge came flooding out. I was well impressed by his encyclopedic labeling of planes as we toured Davis AFB. Baby Boy O hasn't fallen far from the tree. He has an eagle eye for plane spotting. Two pigs in mud.


Baby boy o looking with big eyes

Hey, you looking at me?!


English hubby and baby boy o on the bus

Security check to get on the bus


Tour guide

English hubby's future volunteer role


Baby boy o looking at planes

Planes big and small


Sealed airplane

Sealed to keep out the desert dust and critters


Looking at planes



Attack helicopters

A for attack


Spare parts

Spare parts earning $10 on the dollar


Air command

Air command during the Cold War

Baby boy o asleep with mummy

Too much excitement

Planes cut up

Cut up so the soviet satellites can see


Galaxy carrier

You can pack heavy on this flight


Yellow Sea plane

Shiny planes


Baby boy o and English hubby

Pigs in mud


Red plane

Big red


Excited boy

So excited he doesn't know where to look!


Baby boy o in cockpit

Can't quite reach


Air traffic control

Cleared for landing


Baby boy o with wooden steering wheel

Pilot training for babies


Fiddly toy

So many fiddly bits


Baby boy o piloting a plane

Taking mummy for a ride


Chin ups

Top Gun training


English hubby eating chilli dog

Top Dog training


Helicopter on fork lift

So this is how you move a helicopter


Looking out at planes

Boys off to see the planes, enjoying a quiet moment


Green helicopter

Camo green


Baby boy o at rear of helicopter

Unafraid of danger


Baby boy o facing off to face

Staring it in the face


Entry to air and space museum

Air and Space Museum rocked!


Voted best in the nation sign

High expectations


Swimming pool at voyager resort

Not bad, but Monte Vista gets my vote


Indoor pool

Swimmy swimmy time


English hubby opening beer

Beer o'clock


Simple dinner

Real simple dinner



Basking in its glow


English hubby at table

Dinner date


Full moon

Vesak full moon




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