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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Daily Pics: Tonight We Are Enemies

Much sporting excitement tonight with Murray playing Krygios in the quarter finals of the Australian Open. Crazy Daisy is worth her weight in gold, especially when she turned to English Hubby and declares, “tonight are enemies”! Unfortunately there are no remaining Aussies in the competition, and mum has also lost her lover boy, Federer, so the field is wide open for her vocal support. 


Grandpa pushing stroller along street

Off to see the ducks (part 2)


Father and son in carrier infront of Main Street cafe

Brunch at Main Street with my boys


Baby with cap and bib

Noshing on roast beef and vegetable purée with Turkish bread


Beach on a cloudy day

Off to the beach


Man and laughing baby on the beach

For a wind swept walk…


Family selfie on mordialloc beach

…and family selfie


Man and baby on beach with segues in the background

Chasing seagulls


Baby with food all over

C’mon gimme a hug!


Man in car holding bags of chips

Pre game dash for munchies


Murray v Krygios tennis match on tv

England v Australia

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Daily Pics: Relativity

In a blink of an eye 20 years flies by. Cousins grow up, new families are created, and conversations move from Barbies and Lego to house prices, grandsons and worldly travels. They say it’s always about journey, but when you’re on that path every day it is hard to notice the gradual change. Then all of a sudden over afternoon tea the passing of time becomes evident and more memories are made.


Grandma lying on play mat with baby

The look of pure joy


Baby with bug toy

Love bug


Family at table having afternoon tea

Catching up over a cosmopolitan afternoon tea


Aunty carrying baby holding plastic duck

Playing duck with Grand Aunty S


Baby rolling on play mat

This is how we roll


Baby and uncle looking at cuckoo clock

Captivated by the cuckoo


Extended family

Theory of relativity…Energy = Memories and Cousins Squared


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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Daily Pics: Muffins And Cupcakes

I’m reminded of why Melbourne is known to have ‘four seasons in one day’. It has threatened to rain since the morning, with intermittent sprinklings under an ominous looking sky. Nevertheless we pushed on and managed to fit in a walk to the local coffee shop this morning, muffins and coffee on a park bench, lunch and cupcakes at Soniana’s place, zoo dancing, the case of a missing trailer, and a walk to the park to play. It has been a wonderful day with wonderful friends. This is what make it feel like home. 


Grandma walking with stroller

Braving the weather


Cookie jars and New Years resolution

One cappuccino with two sugars and a decaf soy latte please


Mum and me eating muffins

Muffin break


Baby in stroller smiling

Baby Boy O gets his little super puff snacks


Aunty and baby

Coffee break and cuddle with Smelly


Woman making cupcakes with kids looking on

Making butterfly cupcakes from scratch


Girl asking for cupcake

I want…


Tray of cupcakes



Man reading book

English Hubby doing some light reading and seeing the error of his ways


Little girl cutting cucumber

Making lunch, with olives too!


Baby with kiddies

Loving the attention


People walking to the park

Off to the park


Three best friends

The most amazing women in the world, reunited


Two boys and two girls

Cheeky bunnies – one hard head, one dibber dobber, one five year old going on fifteen and one smiley olive eating princess


Four kids jumping

This picture says it all


Best friend holding my baby

Soniana always knew this day would come


Chicken parmigiana

Capping off a perfect day with dinner at The Local with Scoobes and Fatty Patty


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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Daily Pics: Bali R&R

Enjoying some much needed R&R at our lovely villa. So very glad we chose to stay here. Thank you to all our Facebook friends who gave us advice on whether an open swimming pool would be a hazard for an eight month old baby. The wonders of technology, allowing us to crowdsource an answer. 


Happy baby

Hello sunshine


Napping baby

Nap time now


Man selling sweet potato

Sweet potato for my sweet boy


Woman crossing street in Bali

Bringing home the goodies


Mangosteen and rambutan

More snacks


Baby napping with book

More napping


Man getting hot stone massage on table

Hot stone rub down


Man and baby in pool

And a delicious dip


Man having dinner

Followed by a yummy (dark) dinner at the Bvlgari Resort


Baby and mum at dinner

With my fabulous boys


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Friday, 2 January 2015

Daily Pics: Love And Marriage

I have known my Dear Kinder Friend since I was three. It has been a connection that spans continents, schools, companies and the passing of time. He played the song that I walked down the aisle to, and today I feel so blessed to share another milestone with him. His marriage to his soul mate. To my Dear Kinder Friend and his Missus, may the stars in the heavens shine upon you and happiness touch every day. 


Baby in stripped outfit sitting on a couch

Just chillin’


Swimming pool in villa

Enjoying the villa


Babysitter carrying baby

Hello Babysitter Jawick


Dad carrying baby and babysitter walking

Off to breakfast


Man eating breakfast with babysitter carrying baby

So nice to have an extra pair of hands (thx for the recommendation Party Marty)


Local kids

Greeted by devilish smiles


Baby carried by babysitter

So happy to be carried


Cows in paddock

Just over the back fence


Baby swinging on legs of lady

Playing with Gong Gong’s girlfriend


Baby and mum playing with water in pots

Learning about hydrology


Baby holding two pots in swimming pool with dad and friend

Mastering the two handed maneuver


Four people and baby in the pool

Pool time pre wedding fun


Baby in carrier looking at mans necklace

Checking out Uncle Nik’s man jewelry


Baby and dad with friends

Waiting for the bus


Beautiful family in Bali

The dress fits!…just


Bali traffic

Enroute in traffic


Entrance with wedding sign

Finally made it


Baby reaching for dad's drink

Daddy please…


Baby with grimace on face



Wedding dinner table setting

Last minute prep


Man at alter waiting for his bride

The longest wait


Bride and groom standing at the altar

For his perfect soulmate


Wedding party tent

Lighting up the night


Suckling roast pig

Local delicacies


Two merry people

A few drinks down the line


Wedding favors with message

Wedding favors…


Wedding favors with message

…with sagely advice


Baby sitting on woman

Second wind for the party boy


Mum and baby at wedding

About to turn into late night pumpkins


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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Daily Pics: Bali High

Bali was never on my list of places to go. Growing up in Australia, Bali was where the lager louts and bogans went for their corn roll braid holidays. Sort of like what the trashy Ibiza party crowd is to the English. But as I’ve learned over the last year to never say never. We are here for my Dear Kinder Friend’s wedding and I’m loving being in the heat and mess and smell of Indonesia. Having crowd sourced the decision to stay in a gorgeous villa with a private pool, we find ourselves amongst old friends. Over 25 years and still recognizable. Connections renewed, it is now time to play. 


View of green fields

A view from the top


Baby in stroller outside villa

Heading off to explore


Man pushing stroller down lane in Bali

Loving the sights and smells


Busy road with motorcycles

And sounds and the craziness


Killer Mexican food in Bali

May be a killer in more ways than one


Bali fried chicken stand

What would Kentucky think?   


Nasi goreng breakfast

Traditional breakfast with an old family friend


Man in supermarket in Bali

Love checking out the local supermarket


London biscuits

You never know what you will find


Small side road to villa in Bali

Not surprising we got lost finding the villa last night


Baby and dad in red tops

Going for the mini me camouflage look


Man carrying baby in car seat

Meeting up at Finns Bar


Finns bar beach front

A long way down for a cocktail on the beach


Vernacular to Finns bar

Thank goodness for the mechanical intervention


Me and husband

Quick selfie plus one


Storm approaching beach

Perfectly timed around the torrential storm


Crab on beach

Maybe the crab ran off with English Hubby’s fitbit


Big hugs

Big hugs from a Starr


Bonfire on the beach

Not your average night in Bali


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