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Jan 15

Daily Pics: Muffins And Cupcakes

by in Australia

I’m reminded of why Melbourne is known to have ‘four seasons in one day’. It has threatened to rain since the morning, with intermittent sprinklings under an ominous looking sky. Nevertheless we pushed on and managed to fit in a walk to the local coffee shop this morning, muffins and coffee on a park bench, lunch and cupcakes at Soniana’s place, zoo dancing, the case of a missing trailer, and a walk to the park to play. It has been a wonderful day with wonderful friends. This is what make it feel like home. 


Grandma walking with stroller

Braving the weather


Cookie jars and New Years resolution

One cappuccino with two sugars and a decaf soy latte please


Mum and me eating muffins

Muffin break


Baby in stroller smiling

Baby Boy O gets his little super puff snacks


Aunty and baby

Coffee break and cuddle with Smelly


Woman making cupcakes with kids looking on

Making butterfly cupcakes from scratch


Girl asking for cupcake

I want…


Tray of cupcakes



Man reading book

English Hubby doing some light reading and seeing the error of his ways


Little girl cutting cucumber

Making lunch, with olives too!


Baby with kiddies

Loving the attention


People walking to the park

Off to the park


Three best friends

The most amazing women in the world, reunited


Two boys and two girls

Cheeky bunnies – one hard head, one dibber dobber, one five year old going on fifteen and one smiley olive eating princess


Four kids jumping

This picture says it all


Best friend holding my baby

Soniana always knew this day would come


Chicken parmigiana

Capping off a perfect day with dinner at The Local with Scoobes and Fatty Patty


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