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Jan 24

Daily Pics: Relativity

by in Australia

In a blink of an eye 20 years flies by. Cousins grow up, new families are created, and conversations move from Barbies and Lego to house prices, grandsons and worldly travels. They say it’s always about journey, but when you’re on that path every day it is hard to notice the gradual change. Then all of a sudden over afternoon tea the passing of time becomes evident and more memories are made.


Grandma lying on play mat with baby

The look of pure joy


Baby with bug toy

Love bug


Family at table having afternoon tea

Catching up over a cosmopolitan afternoon tea


Aunty carrying baby holding plastic duck

Playing duck with Grand Aunty S


Baby rolling on play mat

This is how we roll


Baby and uncle looking at cuckoo clock

Captivated by the cuckoo


Extended family

Theory of relativity…Energy = Memories and Cousins Squared


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