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Sep 09

Daily Pics: Transit Day

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Transit days are my least favorite days. Packing up the RV – I do the inside, English Hubby does the outside – cleaning, driving then unpacking when we get to our next location. Baby Boy O shed a few tears today from the back seat of the car. It may have been the teething, or having to listen to his mother’s poor rendition of various 90’s music pop hits. Regardless, a three hour journey feels twice as long with a little one in the back. Thankfully we made it to Portland relatively unscathed. Looking forward to tomorrow’s foodie tour of the Old Port.


Mist over the pond

Magical morning. I’m going to miss this view


Baby licking nectarine

His first lick of real food


Store that sells wedding dresses, guns and ammo

Some of the funny things you see in transit. The blushing bride can pick up her dress, guns and ammo at the same time!


Man in drivers seat of RV in a supermarket carpark

Becoming pros at the supermarket carpark lunchtime stopovers


Yesterday’s post: Cruising Toddy Pond

Tomorrow’s post: The Foodiest Small Town in America




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