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Sep 08

Daily Pics: Cruising Toddy Pond

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

The nautical theme continues from The State of Maine┬áto Baby Boy O’s first boat trip. Our campground hosts – Jet Boat Ruth and Western Mass Justin – kindly invited us out on their boat. There’s something about being out on the water that is so relaxing and calming. There is a clarity with water. It dissolves and cleanses. It is shapeless yet fills every shape perfectly. It can be rough on top, yet calm underneath. Fluid or frozen, change leaves no mark. Funny how two hydrogen and one oxygen molecule can mean so much, in so many ways.


Baby in an infant life jacket

Safety first


People on a boat

Lovely morning with Jet Boat Ruth and Western Mass Justin


View of pond

Toddy Pond in all it’s watery glory


Woman on boat looking out

So very relaxing


Baby in life jacket sleeping

So very sleepy


Baby in a camping chair

Happy little camper


Full moon and pink sky over toddy pond

Perfect full moon evening – Happy Mooncake Festival


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