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Sep 10

Daily Pics: The Foodiest Small Town in America

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Portland is a little morsel of goodness. There is a passion for food, a pride in local grown and made. So there is no better way to get acquainted with the city than to eat our way across it on a foodie tour. For a little town of 65,000 people, it boasts 315 restaurants, a good handful of them renowned on the dining scene. This food resurgence has reshaped this industrial port town. From hand cut potato donuts, artisan rubs and vinegars, craft beers, artisan cheese and even the revival of mead. It is a complex layer on layer of food, culture, people, attitude, lifestyle and beliefs. Stealing inspiration from Heidi who took a two year sabbatical with her husband to sail across the world, upon return quit her job, opened a travel inspired fancy food store – travel far, eat well, live long. I can definitely subscribe to that!


Baby wearing hug the DJ T-shirt and striped cap

Rocking the Portland hipster scene


Portland lobster company restaurant

Voted best lobster roll in Maine


Mum and baby smiling in the sunshine

With my favorite little person in the whole world


Maine foodie tour sign

A delicious find


Lobster pineapple and strawberry tasters

Lobster heaven, followed by pineapple with espresso balsamic reduction and strawberry with chocolate balsamic sauce


Vervacious sign

Started by Heidi and her husband after a two year sabbatical sailing the seas


Stacked balsamic vinegar

Elevating the humble balsamic vinegar


Wall of artisan meat rubs

Divine rubs


Travel far eat well live long motto

Yes please!


Three dollar Dewey sign

Back when the harbor was a place of ill repute, $1 for a lookie, $2 for a touchie, $3 for a…


Mum feeding baby under grey cape

Baby Boy O gets his very own foodie tour


Old port cobblestone streets

Old Port vibe


Farmers market

Weekly farmers market at Monument Square



Sunshine and happiness


Band of buskers on the street

Music and life


Baby in stroller in front of cupcake sign

Heart and soul


Cherry tomatoes

Amazing produce that just screams “eat me”


Heirloom tomatoes

Heirloom delicious


Cheese case

Getting cheesy


Cheese on a plate

Made from cows who eat grass in the lowlands packed with mineral run off blah blah blah


Pickles on a board

Pucker worthy mustard pickles


Portland town hall

Taking in the history and the sights of Portland


Baby looking out

Taking it all in – what curious sights, sounds and smells


Stonewall kitchen store

Home batch to major league


Scones and Maine blueberry jam

Killer scones and Maine blueberry jam


Portland street

Maine street


Portland donut shop

Hole in the wall (pun intended!)


Bar with hanging mugs

Gritty’s the original brew pub





Baby staring at beer

In awe


Cobblestone streets with homes and factories

Lots of walking on a three hour tour


Graffiti of dog

Eye spy street art


Street art of old man

Raw talent, torn apart


Randy leading the foodie tour

Randy’s stats – 127 million pounds of lobster, 3.2 million traps, 3400 miles of coastline


Seagull on lobster traps

And one lone seagull waiting patiently for the scraps


Harbor fish market sign

Iconic fish market where we had delicious smoked mussels and shrimp


Lobster in mans hands

Straight from the sea


Shellfish on ice

Mermaid food


Old wharf warehouses

Fishing roots, anchored to the sea


Fore street restaurant

One of the best restaurants in America


Two fat cats bakery

With a reputation that travels far and wide


Homemade pies

Made from scratch


Whoopie pie

Important enough to debate in the legislature. Maine’s official treat, the whoopie pie


To do list

Definitely on the list everyday!


Eventide restaurant

All this tasting and walking made us hungry


Peekytoe crab roll

Peekytoe crab roll


Fried oyster roll

Magnificent fried oyster roll with pickled vegetables


Baby with spoon in mouth

Getting in on the action with first spoon in mouth experience


Bakery sign

Portland in a nutshell – transition from industrial to food capital


Baby with oversize sunglasses

Playing it cool


Sign for beer geeks on a door

Beer geeks rule


Craft beer

They know their stuff


Lobster rolls

Couldn’t resist, but it think we are well and truly lobster rolled out


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