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Sep 17

Daily Pics: NYC Babies Who Lunch

by in America, Everyday Journeys, US Road Trip 2014

Soaking in the NYC vibe. It’s true, I’ve missed the unique charms of the city – wafting sewer smells, crazy cab drivers, jackhammers on Second Avenue, that “24/7 I’ve got somewhere important to be, so get out of my way” look that steels most New Yorkers’ faces. Before taking off on the road trip Baby Boy O made sure we experienced the city that never sleeps (…through the night). Today he’s reunited with his womb buddies, and we reconnect with our Bradley class comrades.


View up second avenue

I heart New York


Baby being carried, looking out the window

Morning cuddles with Aunt Steph


Pm an with stroller and picnic blanket on ground

Picking our picnic spot


Man wearing dad T-shirt and baby on his lap

Who’s your daddy?


Eight babies lying on a picnic blanket

What’s the collective noun for babies? Gaggle, storm, wail, spew, swarm, dribble or headache?!


Brooklyn bridge view from cab window

Running late as usual


Pub dinner on the table

Babysitter for the boys and yummy gastronomic pub feast with N+C in Park Slope


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