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Sep 18

Daily Pics: 2,444 Frequent Flyer Miles

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

We are now officially part of the parental mile high club – earning our stripes by taking a baby on a long haul international flight. Baby Boy O racked up his first 2,444 frequent flyer miles. I’ve never been so thankful for various inanimate objects, namely our stroller that packs away beautifully, the bulkhead bassinet on the plane and our blue mama baby sling. Of course full accolades go to English Hubby for precision teamwork and the little one for sleeping the whole way through.


Dad and baby in a diner

Breakfast in Jamaica (Queens)


Messy room with crib

Packing mayhem


Man folding stroller

Dry run with the stroller


Baby with bags at the airport

Checking in


Mum with baby sleeping on plane

Sound asleep


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