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Sep 16

Daily Pics: Salvation Taco and Pizza

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Today was an anemic photo day. More due to the iphone running low on battery, as opposed to lack of interesting subject matter or story line. Oh contrare, significant it was. I was excited to be back in the urban jungle of Manhattan. Baby Boy O is growing up fast, getting his shots and a clean bill of health from Dr S. I finally had some me-time, indulging in a much needed haircut and buying a new pair of skinny jeans, returning to pre-bump sizing (as a SITC fan I now fully appreciate the gravity of Miranda’s skinny jeans moment). Witnessed the end of an era culminating in farewell drinks for Kumar. Delighted with Baby Boy O’s #bestbabyintheworld performance when he fell asleep in a noisy bar, slung to me. Revisiting our old haunts and enjoying delicious bites at Brick Lane and Patsy’s with Aunt Steph. Happy. Smile.


Baby with measurements written on piece of paper

Measuring up


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