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Sep 29

Daily Pics: Farewell Canada

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

For every hello there is a goodbye, and today we say a sad “see you later”. It has been an amazing week and a half, being with family. This bit is never fun, but it is a great reminder to enjoy every moment because it is only this very moment that we have.


In bed with the grandparents

Good morning to you, good morning to you, good morning Baby Boy O, good morning to you


Runny eggs in a bowl

Dad’s breakfast speciality, perfect runny eggs


Baby and grandma

Poh Poh I don’t want to leave, can you come with me?


Aunty teaching baby to use chopsticks

Learning to eat with chopsticks


Siu Mai

So many yummy things to try


Har how

Daddy’s favourite


Gai lan

Don’t forget the greens


Loh bak

Traditional favorites


Lai Wong bao

My favorite


Baby and grandma at dim sum

Poh Poh’s favorite


Grandpa pushing stroller down ramp

After lunch shopping so Gong Gong can buy Baby Boy O an outfit


Grandparents giving baby a red packet

Thank you Gong Gong and Poh Poh


Kisses and hugs for baby

So many hugs and kisses – Poh Poh wouldn’t let this one go!


Family photo with mum at Vancouver airport

See you soon!


United States departure sign

Back “home” we go


Me and baby with bear

But not before running into a big black bear


Baby sleeping in sling

Fast asleep before the plane takes off


Mum dad and sleeping baby on a plane

Waiting to get off the ground


Baby sleeping in bassinet on plane

Thank goodness for the bulk head seats with the bassinet


Flying into the sunrise

Sunrise. Hello New York!


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