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Sep 30

Daily Pics: Return to the Big Apple

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

One very sleepless red eye journey later, we are back in the big smoke. Delirious and lugging insane amounts of luggage, we make our way to Big Red’s apartment to catch some much needed shut eye. Frankly the rest of the day is one big blur. Somehow we manage to engage in conversation and eat Seamless web delivered Indian food (how I miss delivery) in front of our lovely friend who is on a juice cleanse. Not only did we subject her to the smells of chicken tikka masala, samosas and naan bread, but to add insult to injury Baby Boy O would burst into tears everytime attempts at cuddles were initiated. Going to chalk this one down to jet lag.


Manhattan skyline from front seat of a car

Good morning Manhattan


Baby in orange car seat

Baggage safely delivered. Knocked out cold.


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