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Sep 28

Daily Pics: Forget The Ryder Cup

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Move over Ryder Cup, Coquitlam hosts a tri-nation competition between Australia, Canada and the USA. Tensions run high in a non stop 18 hole battle. Conditions perfect, players in top form with three hole in ones, but Team USA brings out its secret weapon – baby tiger – to win the inaugural mini-golf championship.


Presents for baby

Started the day by unwrapping lovely presents for Baby Boy O


Baby helping to unwrap presents

Such a good helper


Baby surrounded by lots of toys

Spoilt rotten by all the Canadian relatives 


Baby with grandma looking at FaceTime

Seeing his second cousin on FaceTime!


Baby asleep

Too much excitement for a little kiddo


Mini golf at eaglequest

Well rested and off to mini golf


Mum and dad playing mini golf

Team Australia came out of the gate strong


Mum celebrating her hole in one

With the first hole in one


Taking a long putt

Tensions run high


Baby and mum playing mini golf

Team USA pulls out its secret weapon


Uncle celebrating hole in one

Team Canada sinks the second hole in one of the series


One handed baby feeding, hole in one

Shot of the day – one handed, whilst baby is feeding, hole in one


English Hubby celebrating mini golf victory

Leading to a strong Team USA victory


Mini golf victory cheer

At the end of the day everyone is a winner!


Baby sleeping with mini golf scorecard

A riveting tournament


Baby in aunts arms getting grumpy

Home time after a long day of opening presents, mini golf and mall


Grandma giving bed time bottle

Bed time bottle with Poh Poh


Simple home cooked Chinese dinner

Sitting down to a simple home cooked dinner prepared by Aunty J



Finishing on a sweet note


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